Heading to class I met Shawn and Alex on the way. They approach me, with a girl wrap around Alex's arm. A red head beauty, she looks like those shy girl, who don't say a word and sit at the back of the class. I'm surprise that she's his type, Alex seems really forward. "Hey Mel," Shawn greeted.
I smile at all of them and walk towards them,"Hi Shawn, hi guys."

"You look pretty." I blush and thank him for the compliment. Alex smirk, I wish I Could punch that look on his face. He look like he just caught me red handed, when I'm just blushing because no one ever calls me that, except for Jesse.

"So ? How's first day feeling?,"Alex ask.

"It's normal." I said, it really is not that big of a deal for me. I went to college before.
Shawn watches me as I talk and I suddenly feel very uncomfortable. I fold my arm, when the red head suddenly offer her hand and I took it, "Hailey Goodwin." She smile sweetly and I feel like liking this girl already. She seem like such a nice girl. Her smile really bring me serenity, if that make sense.

"Amelia Heart." Returning the smile back, and we fall into another awkward silent.

"Hey Amelia, I've got good news for you," Alex chirped," Hailey is a business major too, so now you have friends to stay with."

"Oh, that's great!"

Hailey smile some more and I ask her if she's heading to class too, and she said yes. So we walk to class together, leaving the boys behind. We talk on the way and my prediction was right, she's Alex's girlfriend. I found out one other thing too, apparently Shawn wants to bang me, and he's making a bet with the guys to get me to break up with my boyfriend and date him instead. Well we just have to see how that turn out. what a douche. S

Sorry Shawn, I got to proof you wrong now.


"Okay guys, read page 50 until 65," Prof Jacobi announce, as he begin closing his books. I sigh, "Damn that's a lot of stuff to read," I whisper to myself. Growing more tired than ever. Listening to him constantly talk for 2 hours really is tiresome and I very much would prefer being scolded by Jesse for hours, atleast Jesse is my hot boy friend you know. Hailey on the other side, makes no expression what so ever, to show how she feel about this. Sometime for the past hour, I feel like she's some kind of robot.

I walk out of that class ready to choke a human being, I do not have time to read 15 pages of a bussinesss book. Okay maybe I do have time, but a girl got things to do. One of them would be getting a job. You see I saved my years of working with the Grandeur company for college and my future plan, I just need a job for food money and daily needs. I really am set for this.

"So are you going to read those pages?," I ask Hailey on our way to the dorm.

" I dont have a choice do I," She reply nonchalantly, "Shawn is throwing a party this weekend, you should go. You will get to find other bussiness majors and practically every major in the campus. He throws really awesome party." She sounded excited. There again I'm surprise, she doesn't look like the party type but I've been judging her since this morning. I should give her a break for God sake.

"In his dorm? I didnt think it would fit." I shrug and she laugh. Of course another first, it's my first time seeing her laugh, and Im kind of surprise by how more pretty she look when she does that.

"Of course no you silly, It's at his parent's house. One hour away from campus, but it's definately worth it. The boys are pretty rich, but they are the manwhore of the campus. In exception of Alex, he's dating me of course. I hope he's not cheating, cause I'll burn him if he does."

I chuckle at her feisty energy, "Damn you are tougher than you look, certainly scarier."

She nudge me in the arm as she smile shyly. I dont know how delicate she could be, you know? Like she has all this energy, but she could still be polite and sweet to everyone. Something is up with her or maybe it's just my mind making up stuff. I said good bye to her and we departed into our cave for the afternoon. Im done with class, but I still got things to do.

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