Chapter | 19

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one morning,

"Shen-chan, my love light and life!" Mahiro barges inside the bedroom and hops onto Shen's bed, "I'm on bodyguard duty so wake up and let's make out!"

Shen groans, wanting to stay asleep. "Mahiro, go away..."

Mahiro still crawls on top of the sleeping young man, "Well, I am a little bit of a somnophiliac so you can stay asleep as I suck your-"

Someone else barges in the room and it's Kelvin, loudly announcing, "Get off of him, you pervert, we have to go eat breakfast!"

"Me, pervert?! Says the one who acts like a pedo bribing him with candy all the time!" Mahiro argues. "Shen-chan can be my breakfast anyway so go away, you pedo."

"We're barely three years apart, call it sugar dating!" Kelvin replies, pulling Mahiro away and sitting on the bed. "At least he gets something from me, what does he get from your harassment, you séx offender?"

Shen sobs twice before groaning out loud at the disappearance of his peace. He throws pillows on their direction, completely missing. "You guys get out! Your English is so annoying!"

"See, he called you annoying," Mahiro translates to Kelvin.

"You're louder so you're annoying too, Goku kinnie."

"Brothers." Adan is found leaning in the doorway after hearing the screams from the open door. He witnessed them arguing while Shen is trying to bury his head on the pillow.

Shen emerges from the bed, "Adan! They bully me, I want sleep!"

The three men look at him, and he honestly feels like a sheep among wolves. A lazy sheep at that, because he's too tired for their bullshít.

"Well, we need to eat breakfast, Little Shen, so come down with us," Adan says gesturing to the outside. Shen complains with his face, but it is 9am so he shouldn't go back to sleep.

If only Kelvin didn't massage me last night that led me to a kissing session, I wouldn't have been this sleepy... Shen emerges from the bed shirtless which made Mahiro whistle, and Kelvin had to slap him.

They made it downstairs where the three men were dressed up properly, but Shen was still in his cotton pajamas and t-shirt, even too lazy to take off the bonnet from his head. Meanwhile, Mahiro was in a black button up shirt, casually unbuttoned to let his tattoos breath; Kelvin was in a fit white shirt that did not hide his muscles at all, accentuating his skin; while Adan is wearing a baby blue button up with an apron on.

"Uhm..." Shen speaks up after Adan serves him his egg and ham with garlic rice meal. "My... my family... where my family?"

Kelvin answers, "Well, the Levough family is our lead as of now. If anyone knows where they are, it's them."

"The noble Levough family might know where they are so we're infiltrating their systems," Mahiro translates. This negates Shen's mood and he visibly looks disheartened.

"Ahh, we should go somewhere, like a zoo! Or park," Kelvin suggests, "I'll cover the food and admission."

"As you should, I paid for the gas last time," Mahiro remarks. Shen perks up at the mention of a zoo, and the possibility of finally going outside.

But, "No," says Adan with a straight face. "We shouldn't take Shen outside, it's too dangerous."

No... Shen... outside... "I want to go," Shen says, eyes wide and hopeful, "Uhm, no running, I behave! Let's go, please?"

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