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Your throat goes dry as you stare at the king of moors, while he glares down at you with disgust.

"Answer my question before I end your pitiful life, what are you doing in my forest, girl?"

"Those men were chasing after me, and I thought the forest would help me lose track of them" you answer truthfully.

"Do you think I care if they kill you, you humans are savages, you are only good for destroying nature"

You don't respond back to his harsh words, yet only stare at him with amusement.

Never have you ever thought that you would meet other Disney characters from other stories.

But, here you are in front of Disney's evil character, Maleficent.

And damn is the faerie king hot.

"Humans are good for nothing but destruction and hate, such selfish beings"

"Didn't you like fall for a human woman or something?"

You didn't know what caused you to utter such stupidity, but you regret it when Maleficent grabs you by the neck.

"So you do know me?"

The master of all evil smirks at you, his grasp tightening on your neck but not enough to choke you.

You have decided to fix your mistake after coming up with a great idea in your mind.

"Everyone knows the great king of moors who have cursed the royal baby" He raises an eyebrow at you, seemingly unconvinced with your words.

"You are lying, little girl"

"No, I'm not lying at all"

Yes, you are not lying, everyone from your world does know who Maleficent is.

"Then you wouldn't mind becoming my servant, now do you?"

Your eyes widen at his words, as he throws you over his right shoulder.

"Wait, no! I don't wanna be your servant!" You whine.

But, deep down, you want to be more than that in many ways.

"I wasn't asking"

"You know, cursing a baby girl is evil, but kidnapping a harmless girl like me is beyond evil"

Maleficent chuckles as he suddenly starts flying which made you squeal and grab into him in fear of falling.

"Baby girl? You mean boy, and who said you have any rights? servants have no rights"


Ellard felt betrayed the moment he was unable to find you.

However, one of the king's guards does catch him and bring him to meet the prince.

"So, you are (Y/n)'s lover?"

The blond-haired boy glares at the grinning prince.

"What do you wish to speak to me about?" Ellard sneers, not caring if he is speaking to a prince who could easily throw him into prison.

"You seem like a great man, Ellard"

Prince charming places a hand on Cinderella's shoulder.

"And great men think alike"

Ellard starts to get weary of Henry's upcoming words.

"What are you implying?"

"Why don't we share (Y/n) together?"

The suggestion shocked Ellard, not expecting that.

Why would the prince share you with Ellard? When he can have you all to himself.

And for some reason, the blue-eyed boy doesn't find the suggestion...horrible.

"Why would you want that?" the question makes charming grin grow wider.

"You seem like a fun guy to be around"

A/n: not yaoi btw

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