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01 - " i'm in " 

" -and she left me like it was nothing, y/n. " your closest friend, jeon heejin, whined, voice muffled by the pillows she was wallowing into.

" mm. " you hummed, sitting on a chair near her, staring down at your feet.

" i loved her so much, i wonder if she still loves me. " heejin grumbled, kicking her feet against your couch.

" you'll never know unless you find a way to find out. " you responded, looking up at the eyes that were gazing at you. heejin had looked like she'd just sparked genius.

" i know a way, y/n. " she grinned, all that sadness fading away, as if jiwoo was a girl of the past.

you tilted your head, clearly curious as to what the girl was hinting at.

" i know the best way to get her back, to find out if she still loves me. " she continued, still wearing that suggestive grin.

" y/n, you, me, fake date, it's that easy." she smirked, nodding her head at a slow pace.

" what? are you out of your mind? " you asked, immediately against her idea, sitting straight up.

" y/n, listen first. " she asked, you rolled your eyes, but relaxed back into the seat, ready to her hear stupid plan. 

" i can get her answer real quick, jiwoo get's extremely jealous. AND AND, i can pay you. " 

this made your head perk up, fake dating your best friend, but getting payed for it? 

heejin was a super easy to fall for girl, really pretty and so good at everything, she'd make a great fake girlfriend, it'd be just like the normal between you two, basically.

" i'm in. " 

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