Profit and Pain Incorporated

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     Preston Williams was in the beginning a hardcore wrestler that had fought in many parts of the world. He had been trained by Jay "Ruckus" Lanham who also taught martial arts as well. He fell in love with wrestling after seeing the wrestler Cactus Jack perform and after discovering the savage wrestling brutality of ECW. He then changed his wrestling style by seeing a film which showcased the moves of the wrestlers Rob Van Dam and Dean Malenko. The thing was that in the year 3567 wrestling had mostly been forgotten just like how many people of the modern world did not know what a circus was, they looked it up. On the other hand, wrestling had been deemed illegal by the year 3002 for being too violent.

       It wasn't until the laws changed in the year 3548 that wrestling was unleashed into the public in all of its brutal glory. Preston discovered ancient wrestling matches by downloading them on his watch and his digital devices. He got to see all of the classics from the wrestling promotions NWA, GWF, WCW, ECW, WWE, Ring of Honor, Major League Wrestling, WWC and many more. During his recent wrestling tour with a new company based in Chicago called Extreme Wrestling Dominion he met a young man by the name of Raymond Cole who got along with Preston. Raymond loved the wrestling styles of Perry Saturn and Mike Awesome. After hanging out together the two of them made a strong bond and the promoter of EWD Brian Kingsray needed a tag team act and Preston and Raymond told the promoter that they could be a tag team. After disgusting their gimmick they came up with the name of Profit and Pain Incorporated. Preston also suggested that they use the finisher of an old team called The Beverly Brothers which they would call Massive Pain. After a few matches they added into their tag team arsenal many moves from the tag team of The Steiner Brothers, Money Incorporated, The Enforcers, The Rock and Roll Express, Power and Glory and The Dudley Boyz.

      Preston and Raymond always liked to go early to the gym and a few weeks there they met Jake Vollum and Jack Holcomb. The four of them hit it off and they spent a lot of time working out together. Jake and Jack both worked in marketing and promoting new brands of products. Jake had heard that Preston and Raymond were wrestlers and he showed them a couple of tag team gear designs and logos that he had done along with Jack. He also gave them ideas on how their wrestling action figures could look like. Seeing as how Jake and Jack were interested in the creative side of the wrestling business they introduced their gym buddies to the promoter Brian Kingsray and the rest was history since Preston got to train Jake and Jack in the art of wrestling since they were two guys that were over 6 feet and 6 inches that had a lot of mobility and natural talent inside the squared circle. While Jack and Jake were involved in coming up with ideas for t-shirts, action figures and digital souvenirs they got to wrestle together as the tag team of Extreme Justice. Jack and Jake did wrestle under their real names and they liked to use the finishing maneuver of a classic team known as The Quebeckers while adding a second splash to the move by the person that was standing on the mat. They called it "Extreme Decimation."

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