Maddies pov
I wake up to something hurting in my side and I open my eyes and see my dad yes my own father kicking me and that's when I hear wake up slut make my breakfast so that's when it's my cue to get my ass up I haven't spoken in 6 years because my mom died so my dad beats me cause I look like my mother. I take my shower and turn the water on hot but once I get under the water it stings cause last night my dad staped me in the side cause he didn't like the pizza I made him but I didn't make a sound cause it's like I forgot to talk but I know how to talk I just don't want to. Once I get out of the shower I have to wear foundation to hide all of the bruises from my dad then I walk to my small dresser I may be getting abused but I have saved some money or took some money for me my dad but it's for clothes so I wear my favorite black jeans with my favorite blue and white long sleeve shirt with my black converse.

Tyler's pov
I wake up and relised my mom is yelling at me to get up or I will not be able to eat my breakfast but luckily I took my shower last night so all I had to do was get my white v neck t shirt on and my jeans and today's the day I find my mate lets hope it's not the packs slut yes I'm a werewolf and alpha of the blood moon pack but I need my luna and I don't want it to be the pack slut Audrey. I'm done getting ready so I hurry down stairs and kiss my mom good bye I may be alpha but I love my parents😋😘. I get in my black mustang to drive to school.
Going to skip the ride to school
When I get to school I smell the most amazing thing ever I go try to find the person who has that smell but I get stopped by my best friend Cody the beta of the pack. Cody ask me wht is wrong and I don't want to tell them yet so so I just say that I have to turn a paper in so I leave.when im in the hall way and the smell gets stronger it smells like... vinalla and cinnumen its amazing.

hey guys sorry my updates arnt that long but i want to get to the good parts i really hope u guys like this book if i made mistakes or if u dont like it i would like to know so i could make my readers happy thanks

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