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Chapter 17:


Pursing her lips she looked at the scene before her with crossed arms and was half tempted to call some kind of reinforcement. Who? She had no clue. Darcy looked like a deer caught in headlights as Vincent and Anya both stood there looking furious. "I see you've checked your bank account..." He said and had the audacity to smirk slightly. Anya growled lowly under her breath but smiled sweetly at him. "Yes, I did. Thanks so much for that! But here's how I want to repay you..." She trailed off and then took the stake out of her sleeve and flung it at him. Darcy didn't expect it so when it hit him square on in the leg he let out a pain filled roar. Blood instantly started to seep out of the wound, testing Wendy's gag reflex.

"Okay..." he panted through gritted teeth. "I may have deserved that." Wendy shook her head and looked away before any more blood could be seen. She was horrible with it, but couldn't help but look back when Anya stalked closer to him. "It is MY choice to get some space from you! That was a real dick move!" She yelled and slapped him. Wendy gasped when his eyes turned flat black, but Anya stood strong. Wendy had to give the woman props for her courage. "I think you forget who I am-" Darcy began in a low, dangerous voice, but Anya cut him off.

"No! I think you forget who I AM! I have been nothing but loyal to you, and the moment you learn that I don't like to live in the shadow of your daughter and want my own space, you become this immature ass! Get it through your ancient thick head! I am my own person!" She yelled so loud, Wendy was worried her neighbors would call the police in concern. Darcy looked at her for a moment and seemed to be really looking at her. Shaking her head at his lack of response Anya stalked upstairs and Wendy winced when the door slammed. 'One down, two to go', she thought as she looked at a still angry Vincent. Darcy paid no mind as he painfully took out the wooden stake. He hissed as it slowly dragged out. "Fuck, that hurts." He muttered and when his eyes wandered to Vincent he huffed while he rolled his eyes. "Oh, I suppose you found out about her teacher that has a dick rather than a vagina." Wendy blushed at his crude words, but it only made Vincent angrier. In a flash he had Darcy up against the wall with a growl. "I specifically told you, NO MALES!" Darcy struggled slightly but seemed unharmed. "You wanted her safe? He's the best in the business!" Darcy defended himself but Vincent only pulled him away from the wall to just slam him back against it, two feet above ground. "He's a vampire hunter!" He roared in his face.

"A re-formed one! Times have changed Vincent! It's not black and white anymore! There's grey area and this guy falls into that category. She will be safe with him, because he can not only defend himself from humans, but also our kind. It makes sense, and I wouldn't trust him without cause. He's worked for me in the past, and has given me no reason not to trust him." Vincent let him go and let him fall to the ground. "I'm still angry...he called her cute." He grumbled at the end. Wendy rolled her eyes at that while Darcy chuckled breathlessly from being roughed up.

"Of course he would! Have you seen her? She's as cute as bunny rabbit!" Darcy cooed and tried to be annoying but it didn't really work when he was limping. Wendy scowled at him anyhow and 'accidentally' knocked the couch with her hip hard enough for it to bump into his bum leg. "Ow! What is this, beat up on Darcy night?! I didn't get a memo!" Vincent sent Wendy a humorous look, considering she wasn't known to be violent. Sighing, Wendy left to go check on Anya as it seems she didn't need to be there to make sure Vincent didn't kill Darcy.

"I hate him, I hate him, I hate him!" She heard her mutter to herself when she opened the door. "You don't hate him..." Wendy said softly not knowing where this compassion was coming from. She really barely knew the girl, but here she was trying to console her...again. Anya nodded and sniffled slightly which surprised Wendy. "I do...he doesn't even care about me. Not the way I want him to." Wendy felt stuck. She's never been in a relationship before so she couldn't give advice through experience. Maybe through general common sense might help?

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