Chapter 1: Silence ends and we begin.

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A/N: IT'S HERE GUYS! The sequel to Smile and the story starts here! Thanks to everyone who read smile first and loved it SO much to want a sequel! You all mean the world to me! =^.^= For anyone who hasn't read my first book "Smile (A Makoharu fanfic) Please read that before reading this! You'll be a bit lost because A LOT happened before with our main couple. Kisumi and all that...*deeply sighs* good times...

Without further ado, I give you, Shine ( Makoharu fanfic) Chapter 1: Silence ends, and we begin.

Chapter 1: Silence ends, and we begin.

"I'll be back Haru!" Makoto yelled as he ran out of their shared apartment. The brunette had classes that afternoon at his college, Hiroshima Shudo University. He achieved his goal at going to a law school and plans to be a lawyer.

"Okay." Haru replied. It's been two months since the two graduated and life in Tokyo has become more comfortable. Haru was still struggling to find a job. He did want to pursuit a career in water, but was unsure if it was something to do forever. He did work a part-time job at a café, however it was hardly something to do forever.

"Perhaps I could look into swimming more." The dolphin took out his lap top and sat on his bed. As he was about to browse the various options of a swimming career, he received an email from Nagisa.

"Hi Haru-Chan! How have you been?" Haru smiled faintly. It's been quite a while since he's talked to the others and yet he could still hear the blonde's enthusiastic voice.

"I've been okay. How's the swim team?" He asked.

"Really good! Rei-Chan and Gou-chan have been working really hard for regionals this year! We even have three first years with us this year! They're really good swimmers, but not as good as you Haru-chan! How's Mako-Chan?" Haru smiled as he typed on the keyboard.

"He's been doing really well at law school, he's one of the best in his class."

"Ooh, I bet a lot of girls like him!" Nagisa teased, aware of Haru and Makoto's relationship.


"Calm down Haru-Chan I'm only teasing! I know Makoto would never cheat on you! He loves you!" Haru blushed slightly. He and Makoto had a strong relationship, but talking about him still made him a but self-conscious.

"How's Rei?" Haru asked, changing the subject.

"He's good! We started going out and ever since he's tried being the best swimmer on the team to impress me! Haha it's really cute!" Haru chuckled.

"I'm glad everything's working out there. It was nice talking again Nagisa, but I have to get to work."

"You still work at that lousy café?"

"Unfortunately yes. But I'll start finding an actual career in time."

"You better! Tell Mako-Chan I said hi! Bye Haru-Chan!"


Haru shut off his computer and got dressed. He slipped on his shoes and locked up the apartment before heading off to work. It was a cool spring morning and the breeze hitting against the dolphin's skin made him think how peaceful his new life was. No more high school, no more police, no more having to hide his feelings, and no more Kisumi Shigino. Granted, Haru still felt slightly bad at first for shooting him, but not anymore. He felt as if he had to pay for what he did, but the naive feeling to atone for the sinful act was long gone. Kisumi would have killed him if Haru hadn't shot that pistol. And if he died, Makoto would have been sad, that's something Haru could never have.

**I live for him. Because if I were to die, I know he would have grief, and I want none of that for him. I want him to smile.**

Haru arrived at the café he worked at. It was called Suzu café. It was actual a rather nice place, however it was certainly not a suitable career for the dolphin.

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