7• Castle In Your Eyes

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Hello! I updated? Yes, I did. (thank gods) Also, I know i've already said this but thank you for supporting this book. I'm a terrible author and I updated once every 200 years but I love you. I get insanely happy when you readers vote and comment. I'd love to get to know you guys more so don't be afraid to comment your thoughts on chapters. I hope I can please you guys with my writing, so if there's suggestions of how to improve my writing, please comment. I love you all and I won't get mad. Thank you for making writing this book even more fun 💕💕
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Harry groaned.

Not again.

Sighing loudly, Harry stared at the full compartments, wondering where he could sit.

Ron and Hermione had gone to the compartments for the Perfects, leaving Harry to cope on his own.

The wizard had felt his heart sink at the sight of them walking away from him. It had made his chest tighten for some odd reason.

He sighed softly, and with Ginny at his side, they looked for space.

"Nico, did you pack the nectar?" Will's voice resonated from behind him, and Harry quickly bit back a remark.

He didn't want to become a Malfoy number 2, and he certainly didn't want to bully the newcomers. It's just that they were so easy to get irritated at. They never shared any information with him. They smiled and laughed but their eyes remained closed and glassy. Their was no real truth in them and Harry was really concerned about that.

Whatever. He'll just have to suck it up for now. Harry wasn't going to act like a child. Harry pushed away the doubt from his mind, and blamed all the paranoid thoughts on his terrible head ache.

The green eyed boy's head had been pounding since morning and his scar was aching. Harry grit his teeth anxiously. He decided to ignore the pain.

"Harry here!" Ginny's bright voice called. Harry turned and saw her already sliding a compartment door open, pushing the duo in as well.

Huh? When had the Americans gotten in front of him? Harry felt a chill scurry through him– had he seriously gotten so lost in his mind?

Harry shrugged, trying his best to kill his dread, as he lugged his trunk into the compartment.

In the compartment was a girl with platinum blonde hair, reading a magazine upside down, and Neville.

"Hello!" Will smiled, a cheery tone coating his words, and Nico rolled his eyes. "It's an exciting day right? Ooo, what're you reading?"

"Will. Tone down that brightness meter." Nico huffed, plopping himself next to the blonde girl. The sun hit Nico's hair in a way that made it shine a sleek ink colour.

Pretty, Harry realized. Like a dark angel. Nico's brown eyes met his and they seemed like dark chocolate. Those deep eyes...

Harry quickly smacked those thoughts out of his mind. He cringed at himself and glanced away.

"I'm reading a very interesting–" The girl's voice cut off after she tore her grey eyes from the magazine.

"Oh." The girl's voice seemed like a haze, gentle and floating like a white cloud in the blue sky. "You're not like us."

Will froze up, and his genuine smile turned into plastic. His blue eyes swirled with terror and caution. The blonde looked like an ice prince–completely frozen in place, with caution in his eyes and a perfect, porcelain smile ready for his public.

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