Chapter 37

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I didn't expect that Pierce's words – "Until then, Olive" would literally imply the next day.

I just punched in to start my shift and took my place at the register when the bell rang on the door. I whipped my head to greet my first customer of the day when I saw Pierce enter the café. He just strode casually to the counter as if he was a regular customer. He grinned when he saw me as I stood awkwardly like a statue. Seriously! He needed to stop surprising me.

My insides started fizzing as his presence drew nearer. He stopped in front of me and gave me a heart stopping smile.

"Olive." He was the only one that could get away of calling me 'Olive'. It used to aggravate me before when I thought he was doing it on purpose. But now, it felt like an endearing nickname. It was only for me.

"Hey." I smiled nervously, "I think you lost your way."

"Lost my way?" He asked with a look of confusion.

"Aren't you supposed to be in the office?"

Pierce grinned, "What? Am I not allowed to order? It's the best I've had in a long while. My assistant used to make the best coffee."

"She doesn't work for you anymore, I presume? It's such a shame." Woah. Why did I even tease back?

I saw him smile sadly, "No, she doesn't. It was a huge mistake on my part."

He paused and continued, "I found her though."

"Oh, you did?" I quirked an eyebrow as I wondered why he was referring in third person.

"Just recently and it made me think I should make up for lost time. Don't you agree?" He gave me a lopsided grin. Thank God, Sab wasn't around. If she was hearing this right now, she would burst like a party popper. Sab didn't even know I knew him personally but she would surely over react with excitement that Pierce decided to see me again.

My throat got stuck. What should I answer? Of course, I would like it. Very much! I had to play it cool though. I cleared my throat discreetly and said, "That would be nice."

"I was hoping to ask her out to dinner. Do you think she would say yes?" Pierce asked in a hopeful voice. He had no idea my insides were spiraling out of control. I maintained a straight face as I stifled a smile. More than seven-freaking-months had been a long time. I think this would be good for the both of us. I think I was ready to hear his side since he already apologized. It was not like I forgave him. I was just ready to listen. It was hypocritical of me to even think not hearing what he had to say when all I'd wanted was for him to listen to me.

"She probably would. But, on three conditions." I challenged.

"This should be interesting." Pierce chuckled. I was about to enumerate them when Sab decided to show up. She emerged from the back office. When she saw me, she stilled for a moment as her gaze went to the man who was standing at the counter.

She smirked, "Hey, Olivia."

"Hey." I mumbled.

Sab approached me and turned her attention to Pierce. "A cup of coffee, right?" She smiled coyly while she took my place at the register. Pierce nodded and handed his payment to Sab.

He then turned to face me with a smile, "We'll continue this later." He walked to the same spot where he had sat yesterday. I just noticed that he brought a briefcase with him.

I started making his coffee. Feeling Sab beside me, I poured a tablespoon of milk into the mug. "Did I interrupt something? Sorry I can't help it. He's so good looking." She squealed in delight.

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