31// Derek

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I really didn't want to leave Tori this morning. I can't explain it but there's been this dread feeling in my stomach, this unsettled feeling that I shouldn't have left her.

But that lead Levi gave Tori actually paid off, also the file on Murphy came in today, which all lead me here.

"How come you took Lopez of Tori's protection detail. I thought you trusted him?" Jack asks me, as he comes walking into our office, closing the door behind him.

Pulling my eyes away from the file and looked up to him and sighed.

"I do but I need him to answer a few questions, that I have about Miles Murphy"

"Do you think he's really the one taking these girls. And the one after your girl?"

The truth is before Levi's lead, before I read Murphy's file, I was certain he was our guy. But everything I learnt about him today makes me rethink my first suspicions, I mean I'm still waiting on more family history, more background information but right now everything I've learnt so far is pointing me in a different direction, away from officer Murphy, but yet my gut is still telling me he his apart of this somehow.

"Honestly no....but he's connected to it in some way, I just don't know how. The rest of the background checks should be coming through soon" I answered, just as there's a knocked on our glass see-through office's door.

Moving my eyes to the door to see Officer Lopez, standing there waiting for entry.

Waving my hand for him to come in, after a few seconds he walks in, closes the door behind him and looks at me and Jack.

"Have a seat officer" Jack's says, Officer Lopez looks between us and takes a deep nervous breath, before taking a seat facing us.

"Detectives.....did I do something wrong?" He asks us nervously.

"No, we just need some information on your partner Officer Murphy."

"Oh, I'm not sure why you're asking but honestly I don't know much about him"

"Can you tell us anything? His history? His habits? His personality" I said.

"He's quiet, keeps to himself mostly. As for habits I don't know....and history-;" He cut off and thought for a moment.

"He has never really talked about his life, what I do know is that his mom took of when he was a kid. Left him and his brother with their dad, who liked to drink and use his fist a lot" He took a breath and we listened.

"I think when he was around seventeen child services got involved, which is how he and his younger brother ended up in River-Cove, their grandmother took them in, and they've been here ever since"

"What do you know about his brother?" Jack asks before I can.

"Not much. A year of two younger, I know Miles has spent the last few years getting him out of trouble, I've personally never met him or laid eyes on him. Far as I know his brother is like a ghost, just pops up when he's in too deep and needs his brother to bail his ass out of something" Officer Lopez explained.

Nodding my head and met his eyes.

"Thank you, this has really helped us" I said, Officer Lopez nods his head. Getting the hint to leave as he stand, making his way to the door, just as he turns back around us.

"Sir, I don't mean to stick my nose in something where it's not wanted. But I'm guessing this has something to do with the missing cold cases and with Tori..." He trailed off, picking his words carefully.

"I know Murphy...he isn't capable of any of this. He's a good guy and a good cop" He added and then walked out of our office.

"Where's your head at Derek?" I heard Jack asks me, turning myself around to the computer and looked at me emails, just as I see a new one containing Miles's Murphy family history, clicking on the email and then looked up to Jack.

"I don't know, but I want to know more about this brother of his. The files have just come through"

Reading through the files, just the names of his parents, his brother name. Reports of child abuse at the hands of their father, child services report...etc.

Pulling up our database and searched his brother name....Marcus Murphy.

"His brother's name is Marcus Murphy...twenty-four years old. I'm pulling up his records now"

Read through his records and stopped in my tracks, as my eyes read the reports.

"Looks like Marcus Murphy has had a few troubles in his youth" I said.

"Like what?" Jack asks me.

"He was arrested at sixteen for harassment, breaking and entering...." breaking off and continued to read through the records.

"Looks like he stalked a young woman back in two-thousand and thirteen. Her parents filed a report with local police, two months later. He broke into her house when they were away for the night, attacked her boyfriend who was with her at the time, he was charged" I told Jack.

"What else does it say?"

Shaking my head and read on, focusing my eyes on the information in front of me.

"He avoided jail time, he was declared mentally unstable and had to stay for six months in a psychiatric hospital under supervision"

"Is there a local address for him?"

"No, but after he completed his stay at the hospital, it's like he dropped of the guard. Over the last few years there's been, a couple of arrests after that but nothing more than a night in jail. It's like what Lopez said he's a ghost" I explained.

"It does look like he travelled a bit of the years, his work history shows odds jobs all of the US states, but nothing for the last year" Jack said as he read over the email on his own computer, as I sent them to him a minute ago.

"Do any of the missing cases line-up in the states with his work history?" I ask.

Jack looks over the files and then to the computer.

"Yeah, he was in four states with four different missing girls. All at the same time" he answered.

"I think we find our guy, and we need to talk to Officer Murphy about his brother" I announced and grabbed my gun from my drawer.

"You should call Tori, check in..." He says to me, nodding my head and picked up my phone, unlocking it and pressed her name.

Waiting as it just rings, rings, and rings until it eventually goes to voicemail. Ending the call and text her instead, waiting for the three dots to appear but again nothing.

Trying to calm the aching dread in my gut, I can't think the worst. She could be in the shower...or having a lie down. Just because she's not answering doesn't mean she's in trouble.

Trying to call her again, just as it cuts off to voicemail once again, shaking my head and met Jack's stare.

"She's not answering..." I barely got out; Jack pulls out his phone then narrows his eyes at me in confusion.

"I have a voicemail from Tori, it was left twenty minutes ago" he said,

"Play it and put it on speaker"

Jack hits the buttons and then I hear it, her panic voice through the phone.

"Jack it's Tori...call me as soon as you get this. I'm on my way to the Hospital now, I was told Derek has been shot-;"

The line went dead after a thud, gripping the desk with so much force.

"Son of bitch has her..." I gritted through my teeth, trying to get control on my emotions.

"Calm down Derek, we will find her" I barely hear Jack say, through my fury.

I was supposed to keep safe; I was supposed to protect her, and I didn't.

I failed her and now he has her.

"DEREK" snapping out of my thoughts and looked up at Jack.

"Snap out of it. Tori needs you, now let's go"

Nodding my head and followed him out.

Hold on baby...I'm coming for you....

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