A Cinderella...

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She was yet another Cinderella
Who Lived in a little villa,
Waiting for her prince charming
to rescue her from all her suffering,
Release her from the drunkard dad
Who treated her so bad,
those rude People who use
her for her innocence,
And poverty
That was blinding her the life's beauty...
She lived through so many dreadful years,
Accompanied by nothing but tears,
Hoping that he would emerge out of the blue,
Destroy all her woe,
Capture her heart
And wipe away all the hurt..
But nothing happened...
Of course she had a husband
To whom she was force to be married..
With that even her final hope was buried.
He did the final touching,
In abusing and torturing
with all his might,
And neglecting her every right....
Every time she was a prey
She would close her eyes and pray ,
Not to live one more breath,
And for an early death...
Finally her prayers were answered...
So thanking God she headed
To the farthest place,
From all the mess....
Now finally here she is
Resting in peace...
And buried
A happily ever after,
in a deep slumber...

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