Chapter two the party

Victoria's p.o.v

I was in my room deciding on what to wear for my brother's party, yay. Note the sarcasm. I really hate when my brother has a party, because someone always manages to come up to my room and well do something I really don't want someone doing in my bed.

I decided to take a shower, and see if the outfit that I would wear tonight just like came to me.

20 minutes later I was out of the shower. I wrapped myself in a towel and went into my closet. My perfect outfit came to me while I was in the shower.

My perfect outfit, well I should say dress is my cherry red, strapless, that shows almost my whole back, till right above my butt. Now I just have to decide which pair of heels to wear with it.

I went over to my shoe part of my closet, and looked at all my stilettos to see if I have a pair of red heels. I do! Yay!

I brought my outfit, into my room and set it on my bed. Then I walked over to my vanity table and plugged in my curling iron.

By the time I got dressed my curling iron was ready so I sat at my vanity for a while and curled my hair. I then put on some light make-up just with cherry red lipstick.

Hmm.... I wonder if Jason will notice me or not. Omg, I did not just think that did I? Omg You loves Clay not Jason! I need a distraction!

I looked at my alarm clock. It was 9 'o' clock. Wow, I took like 4 hours to get ready. I grabbed my phone off my vanity table, where I had placed it before I got in the shower, and texted Clay.

Hey Clayyy(: you at my bro's party?? Love ya.

A few minutes later I got a reply from him saying "hey baby girl, yeah I am where are you??-xoxo.

I quickly replied: upstairs, getting ready to come down, is it a mad house yet?

He replied back saying oh okay, hurry up, and umm its normal? I guess so yea it's a mad house, ahah :P.

I replied: I am I am, don't worry.

After I sent that text, I went downstairs. Umm yea it's definitely a mad house. I went into the kitchen to get a strawberry-kiwi wine cooler. That is like the ONLY alcoholic drink I will drink.

I opened my drink and drowned like half of it. Like I said I really need a distraction.

I went into the living room, to find Clay. I found him over by Taylor, and Hayden and two blondes. I walked up to Clay and I kissed him with soo much force.

Clay didn't hesitate to kiss me back, but I didn't feel anything when we kiss. I guess this actually means it's the end of us. Oh well I'll have a little fun tonight, then end it with him tomorrow.

I pulled away from the kiss.

"Hey Clay." I said smiling fakely.

"Hey sexy." Clay responded looking me up and down.

"Why thank ya." I laughed.

"You're welcome." Clay said.

"Hey Victoria-Lynn" Taylor said.

"Hey Taylor." I said giving him one of my heart-stopping smiles.

I wonder if Clay noticed me giving one of his best friends a real smile.

"I like that sexy little dress of yours."Taylor winked.

"I know it's hot isn't it?" I laughed.

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