Chapter 2- My mate

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Chapter 2.

As soon as he declared me his mate. My alpha carried me out the room. I heard a fight then began as my mate try to make his way to me.

What is going on?

I looked towards one of the enforcers. "Whats going on Alex?"

He looked at me sadly "He is from the Moonstone Pack. He is the beta. He was here to get a message but now we recieved more information and now we think he was here to spy."

"I thought that we was going to have a peace treaty with that pack." I started to panic. We had a feud with that pack for thirty years cause of a mating that went wrong. Now they have a new Alpha who wanted peace so that his pack would be able to travel without no trouble.

Alex gave a sigh and sat down on the chair. "Yes it is meant to be signed tomorrow night.  Now i don't know what the Alpha is going to do."

As soon as he said that the Alpha burst through the door. "Lisa come see your mate. I think he would only talk to you. We need to know what he was doing here and what he is about."

i nodded at the request. Anything to see my mate again.

I walked back into the ER room to find even more people here that before. My eyes dashed across the room to find my mate siting in the chair surrounded by men. His eyes were peircing as they gazed into mine. I felt as if i was in a trance as i approached this stranger. This mate of mine.

"Whats your name?" I asked him i was unsure wether to touch him or not. He looked to be in so much pain. Regardless of the people around i gave into my wolf and place my hand on his knee as i kneeled down.

"My name is." He gave a chesty cough "Sebastion. Seb for short." He gave me a lob sided smile. It would of been cute if wasn't for all the brusing.

He glanced sharply at my alpha. "You should let me go. Holding me could cause a war. A war that i know you cannot need."

Many growls erupted around the room.  My alpha towered over me to put his face directly infront of my mate. "Noone tells me what to do pup." He spat the last would out like a insult. "I would speak to your alpha to find out why you are hear."

Seb bared back his teeth refusing to back down "Do so. Then you find out the truth. I will await for your apology."

My alpha moved like lighting i heard the slap than see the movement. The only thing that showed that he slapped my mate was that his head was hanging to the side with a bright red hand print.

"Get him up and sedate him in the booth till i find out the information from his alpha."

I whimpered as they carried him outside the room into the basement bellow. Only the doctors are allowed in that room. The torture room.

i have to get my mate out of there.

I need a plan

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