Harry Potters Long Lost Sister and the Slytherin Princess: Chapter 2

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my alarm clock woke me up at 7:00am like usuall.today was my last day here at the orghanage.i sighed got up and went to my closet andtook out my black minni skirt and black spagetii strap top that showed a little of my stomach.i wasnt the slutty type but it looked really cute.i went and took a shower then dried off and changed into my clothes and put on my black convers.you'r probley wondering why an orghane like me has so much clothes and shoes.well one day all these clothes and shoes showed up.but they were just girl clothes but the other girls wouldnt have anything to do with them cause they were black,purpule,and other colors like that.along with the shoes.lets just say the other girls here are the pink,girly kind of girls.

"kristen hurry up!"danile yelled threw my door,bring me out of my thoughts."their all waiting."ugh!he is so anoying.i dont see why all the girls here like him.":i'm coming!dont get you'r panties all in a twist."i yelled back.he atomaticly opened my door and stormed over to me."they made a thing called knocking you know.'i told him calmly."i did."he spat."you did what?know about knocking or you knocked?"he glared at me."you are so anoying."well i'm not the only one."i mumbled under my breath.but he was so close to me now that he heard.

i heard him sigh."kristin........"

he looked into my eyes.and for the first time instead of glaring or smirking i saw warmth in them."danile?"i asked.he was not acting normal.he looked like he was thinking."danile are you...."i was cut off.it took me a few seconds to relize why.he was kissing me.ya i'm only twelve but i know what a kiss is.i read about them in books.he was acually a good kisser.after a few seconds i kissed back and pushed away all thoughts about him being my enimy away.one of his hands went up to hold my face to deepen the kiss while his other hand was on my back pulling me closer to him.i put my hand around his neck,ya i know i'm way over my head here,and i'm really nervase.i mean this is my first kiss.and to the guy i hate.he pulled away put didnt move his hands and nether did i.

"i'm sorry but i had to do that before you left."i stared strate in his eyes."i..it's fine."he gave me a half smile.he moved his hands and so did i."so i'll see you this summer?"he asked hopfully.i nodded and his smile widened.he turnd to leave but i grabed his arm to turn him around to face me.he looked at me exspectantly."umm......"i started looking around to find somthing to keep him with me."will you help me take down my luggage?"i asked.the people who take care of us must have packed all my things except for a few pair of clothes not knowing what i was going to wear."sure." he went and grabed all my suit cases andled the way down stairs.when we got down there everybody was there.when they saw danile with my luggage i got alot of glares fromalot of girls.if you hate me thenwhy are you even watching me leave?tocelabraite when i walk out the door probley."thanks for helping me with my things."he smiled.i guess you could call him the hotty of this place."no problem."he hesitated for a moment then he gave me a huge right in front of everyone.

i heard a bunch of people gasp.i was shocked for aminute then i huged him back.i never knew it but i was going to miss us fighting.we seperated and i looked up at miss.garcia."are you ready?"i sighed."as ready as i'll ever be."she nodded and i grabed my stuff.i waved at danile while saying,"i'll see you this summer."he looked like he was fixxing to cry while he waved back.i turned around and followed miss.garcia out of the orghanage and to a bus.it was silent for about five minutes untill miss.garcia said,"you and danile seem closer than i thought."i blushed a little.we're closer than i thought to.she sat down next to me in the empty seat."you didnt put a love spell on him did you?"she wispered to me.i looked at her fast with what i guess was a shocked exspretion."what?you could do that to somone?"i wispered back.this whole witch thing is really confusing.she studied me for what seemed like an hour."yes,yes you can."she said while leaning away.wow.i can make somone love me?we stayed silent for the rest of the ride.

once we got off we went to a bar like place."hey,amanda."miss.garcia stoped and looked at the bartender."hey bob."he smiled at her.then he noticed me."you taken her to diagon allie?"he asked her."yes."he motioned for her to come over.she did with me following."hagrid already brought harry potter through here."she smiled."really?"he nodded."well thats good.i got somone he needs to meet."wait.potter?thats my last name.and who does that kid have to meet?"and who's that?"her face went seriase."kristin potter."the whole place feel silent and all eyes went on me.well this is just great.note the bid hint of sarcasm

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