Chapter | 18

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Warning: Big tiddies up ahead... it not gae so okay... but no lesbeans allowed to romanticize

that day,

To no students' surprise, Seraphine escaped just before 9am stroke. Turns out he pickpocketed Doctor and stole the keys, smashed the small window of the door and smoothly inserted the key from the inside.

The intercom blared as everyone's fears came into play. Ryūji's fists were tightened, as he looks for no one but Seraphine during this game. He wants to win so bad... well...

"Good morning students! This is the day the new batch gets included in the games, so buckle up!" Val's voice rings out from the speaker. "Today we'll be playing Zombies! One team will be Zombies, the other Hunters. Hunters must find and stab the Zombies with retractable knives that produces red paint. All zombies must stay within hiding for an hour, and if there's a remaining zombie on the loose when the timer ends, Zombies win!"

Then, they announce the teams. Half of the class were hunters, while half were Zombies and are terrified now. Seraphine was a hunter. And Ryūji, a Zombie.

the timer starts in 3,

The Zombie team had 60 seconds to find a hiding place. The Zombies can fight back by stealing the Hunters' knives and stabbing them with it. Corpses don't really have the digestive system to eat, but they are mobile enough to fight back. That's what this game is all about; kill the dead.

But, Ryūji didn't hide like his teammates did. He went to hunt for the great Seraphine himself, who he sees smashing a vase onto a student just so he can stab his friend first before him. Ryūji silently scoffs, "Violent, huh."

Ryūji calmly goes outside and hides in the pillars especially at the sight of Sally in the area. He didn't make a sound and she passed by. Thankfully, she was a ghost so she doesn't have amplified senses like Vampires and Shifters. But, she did manage to hunt down 5 students.

While she stabbed a student hiding beside a bush though, Ryūji jumps and grabs hold onto the nearest tree branch, using it to leap and lamp his feet onto Sally's head. Sorry, Sal. But this is probably normal to you guys.

"OW!" She cries out, before Ryūji snatches her retractable blade and stabs her neck with it, spewing red paint all over her. "Owww... Prince... R-Ryuji..."

She faints beside the student she killed because the kick to the head darkens her vision. And besides, losers should stay in their place like a real corpse so she allowed herself to go unconscious.

Now that I have a knife... Despite being a Zombie, Ryūji defies the game and hunts down the Hunters. However, only after they've killed some Zombies to narrow the competition.

Hunters left - 18
Zombies left - 38

"What?! We started with equal numbers, how come there are more Zombies alive!" One hunter exclaimed as her friend stabs a Zombie near the front door.

"I think it's because Doctor is a Zombie?" Her friend wonders.

Meanwhile in the backyard, Seraphine kicks Doctor in the chest and throwing him beside the pool. The merciless King of the Games looks down upon his colleague who knows very well that Seraphine always wins.

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