Hoshimi's Pov:

" Jack what happen ? " I said to him and why he was alone and i so many question like a annoying one . So jack look down and he was not trying to not say to me " Jack what's wrong ? " I said softly and i walk to him and pat at his left shoulder .

Jack: Tasuku......... Tasuku his now a member of the Disaster Force

Hoshimi: No ...........

Jack: Hoshimi i'm sorry forgive me

* Hoshimi start to cry but a little *

Hoshimi: That's ok Jack and sorry about your buddy Jack

Jack: Is ok Tasuku is my buddy a long time

So after the talk i ask Kiri to go with me to Agent Commander and he same like he changes his look and i hope he enjoy to have his own buddy . And Agent Commander talk to Kiri about something like u know what i mean . So i was at my home doing my homework studies we'll Buster is training at his home world and i was looking at my USB and i throw it at my trash can . And i start to hold my knees Tasuku why did u join the dark side why my tears start to begin to fall and i rip my tears away .

so i start to get my deck and i start looking for my impact card and i start to realize something but what ? It start to glow and become a plane white without a signal picture or any .

" Why my impact card is blank ? " I thought to myself and if i look closer there is a little letter in he center so i use my glasses we'll sometimes i use that glasses to see the some ones and it said is time to change your impact card and this impact card will last forever more it said and i don't getting it right so my impact card is change to the second impact and the last one is changes again .

I'm confuse allot and i start to remove my glasses and it start to glow like a sun rise and i heard a voice that said .

" The impact card will change into more responsible and also "

" use it we'll your impact card will last forever and never "

" change and also this is the last change and good luck "

" and your own evil has polluted your mind "

and it start to shine and i start to think of that voice maybe it was the big red eye i guess and it show the picture of the dragon element and i read the name slowly " Gospel ....... of the White Dragon Deity " i said and my mind blow me up and i know this card but i din't know what those that mean so i put my new impact card in my core deck case and i start to fall asleep .

Next Day

It was sunny day so my buddy and i are going to the bakery shop to buy for my mom and i start to open the bakery shop and it smell good when i inside the bakery shop so my buddy still beside me and he told me that he need some rest for his training and he turn into a card and i get my buddy card and i out it in my deck case.

So i looking around and suddenly i bump to someone so i trip and fall down " i'm so sorry miss i not see what i'm going " it said with a kind and sweet voice and i look up and it was a female and her hair is lavender and her eyes are brown too and i stand up all by myself " That's ok i'm fine " i said .

" By the way my named is Sakura Himura "

" That was a nice name Sakura my named is Hoshimi Tsubasa by the way "

we both shake hands and she smile at me " Me too Hoshimi-chan " she said and i start to ask her something " Sakura may i buy brownies " " Sure " she said and she give me same brownies to me " thank u and how much ? " 25$ " so i give her a 25$ dollar to her and she smile at me and we become friends and she told me that she play buddyfight allot and she start to introduced to her buddy form dungeon world her buddy was legendary brave , tasuku and it remind me about his face of happiness so yeah .

after we talk and know each other i ask my new friend Sakura i need to get going and so she say good-bye in a kind voice so i at home and i making Brownies ice cream to my whole family .

To Be Continued ..........

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