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The first week was extremely productive. I managed to film 3 podcast episodes, and 2 youtube videos all within a short time span.

I was working so much that I only had a little time to spend with Vinnie every now and then, but he was a great support system away from all this madness that I had going on during the day.

But I finally can catch a break because this weekend is Bryce's birthday, and he's throwing this house party for his 21st birthday.

He said that he only invited like 100 people, but I've been on tiktok and twitter a lot recently and it doesn't look like only 100 people plan on showing up.

Vinnie was going, and he offered to pick me and Mila up, but I declined. I hadn't even drove my own car in forever, and I felt like I was betraying her by taking all of these free rides from people. And yes my car is a 'she'.

But anyways, I was currently doing my 'no makeup, makeup' routine since I was officially dressed.

I was wearing a red top that showed off my cleavage, and a pair of black pants that hugged my hips nicely. On my feet I didn't know what I wanted to wear exactly, but I decided on a simple pair of red and white sneakers that matched the red in my shirt perfectly.

When I finished the makeup, I pulled my hair into a ponytail, and started to accessorize my body. I added a gold necklace and some gold bracelets that my mom had gotten me as a gift.

By the time I was done it was already 9 pm.

Before I gathered Mila to leave though, I looked in the mirror fixing myself before taking a few pictures to post on instagram.


628,251 likescleodoram ur dad wants to eat me🐍

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cleodoram ur dad wants to eat me🐍

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