Heroes and Villains

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Kate leaned back on the reclining sofa. The preschooler beside her took no notice, too caught up in the colorful images on the TV screen. It had been nothing but superheroes for four-year-old Ella all summer. This girl could quote every line of her favourite episodes—and unfortunately, so could Kate. "You've met your match this time, Captain Camouflage!" Ella cried in unison with the villain.

Kate shook her head wryly. Why did her daughter always seem to identify with the bad guys? She cracked one eye open to take a look. She had to admit, this villain was certainly more engaging than the bland hero. He brandished his death ray with the commitment of a Shakespearean performer, shouting, "With this weapon, I shall strike fear into the world!" His maniacal cackle was echoed perfectly by Ella. Kate stared at her daughter. She'd better keep an eye on that kid.

Closing her eyes again, she found herself wishing the villain would win, just once. Maybe if he didn't announce his plans to the tights-wearing hero he'd stand a chance. Wouldn't it be better to plot in the shadows? After a defeat like this, he'd learn his lesson. Next time, he would be sneaky. He'd spy on the hero, learn his secret identity, and then use the knowledge to his advantage. Yeah, she liked that. 

Kate tuned out the cartoon noises. Her vision took shape, and it outshone what was on the screen. The hero needed to be improved. Not another boy scout...a girl. A female superhero for impressionable young minds to look up to.

She took another glance at the cartoon villain. There was something beguiling about the character. Despite the goofy mad scientist outfit, he exuded charisma and danger. She imagined him a bit more menacing. She saw someone tall, dark, and full of mystery. As she visualized him in her mind, the allure was undeniable. She gasped. What if the heroine felt the same way?

Oh snap. This was becoming a romance novel. She grinned sheepishly. So much for writing something for her daughter. This would be her own guilty pleasure. Grabbing her trusty blue notebook from the coffee table, she jotted down ideas. The tactile sensation made her feel even more connected to the story. She'd need some secondary characters. Every superhero needed a sidekick, right? Or perhaps a henchman for the villain? Comic relief, she wrote next to that idea. 

After a few minutes, she had the basic plot outlined. Her pen traveled back to the top of the page. She needed a title...One that made it clear exactly what the reader would find in the story, but still intriguing enough to leave an air of mystery. She scratched the words into the white margin: Falling for the Villain. A thrill went down her spine. Rising from her seat, she moved to the desk in the corner and took the notebook with her. She had work to do.

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