13. Evening

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13. Evening.

  I wasn't hungry.

Still pondering what harry was up too. He's been in his room and out of his room and to the gym three times today. His excessive working out is worrying me to be fair.

Yesterday was the first time I had properly seen how much working he's actually been doing and I've never seen him that muscular. It's not that I'm complaining, just concerned.

  His foot step came down the hall and I stood up standing in front of the door, preventing him from leaving again.

  "Can you actually tell me? Because just in case you don't come back after a week I want to be able to go look for your body."

  "Funny Rose!" He said with absolutely no ounce of humor. He tried to push past me but I held my grounds.

  "I'm not kidding why are you leaving." I asked actually worried about him. He put his big hand on my shoulder dipping his head down to my forehead.

  "I would tell you but, I don't want you to worry." He shrugged.

That makes me worry more?

  "I would worry less if you told me." I whispered quietly.

  "I've got to go." He nudged my head in reassurance.

  "The gym again?" I folded my arms over my chest.

  "Yes, can I get through?" He asked, sweetly...

I caved! It's the eyes, those beautiful emerald eyes of his melt me completely...

  I rolled my eyes and moved over. He bent down and kissed my cheek. Leaving me alone.

How cheeky...

  I trudged to my room and getting some decent clothes, I'm going to follow him.

It's not that I'm sneaky or stealthy, in any right, whatsoever, but if he won't tell me the truth then i'll find it myself.

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