Amber's P.O.V

   As I stood on the stage, singing my heart out, I heard wolf whistles and cheers. I danced as I sang, thanking the alcohol for my being able to somewhat dance. When the song finished, the room erupted in cheers, applause, wolf whistles, and encouragement to sing more. Smiling,  I said "Sorry, but if I stay up here any longer, I'm gonna' pass out - I need some air - but maybe if you're lucky." I smiled cheekily, bounced down the steps to the stage, and grabbed my WKD from the small table before heading outside of the karaoke bar.

   I stood outside and leaned against the alley wall. When I looked up to the sky, I saw a shooting star. Star light, star bright, the first star I see tonight; I wish I may, I wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight. I wish I was famous, I thought to myself. I then started to sing the chorus of the last song I had just sung: Happy Ending by Mika.

"This is the way you left me, I'm not pretending.

No hope, no love, no glory, no happy ending.

This is the way that we love, like it's forever.

Then live the rest of our life, but not together." When I sang the chorus for the second time, my voice got louder. As I took a large gulp of my drink, three guys came from down the alley way and started to move closer to me. As they backed me into a corner, I dropped my drink and went to scream. My - usually loud - voice got caught in my throat.

Drake's P.O.V

   I walked down the street, clubs sending music out of their doors. I kept my hands stuffed tightly in my pockets and kept on acting casual, trying not to draw attention to myself. I hated it when people came up to me in the streets. I mean, it was not like I had a life, or anything, or actually liked to be treated like a normal person. Crazy as it seemed, I just wanted to be a normal person.

I didn't ask for this.

   As I walked past some karaoke bar, I heard a forced scream. I went towards the scream; it lead me to a dark alley way. Half walking, half running down the alley way, I saw three guys, probably druggies or alcoholics, cornering a girl that was cowering away from them. I went towards one of the guys, punched him, and then slammed him down to the floor. I then went through the task of knocking the other two out.

   When all three were out cold on the floor, I went towards the girl, whose cheeks were red and stained with make-up and tears. I crouched down in front of her and put my hand on her lower arm, sending a warm smile her way before saying "Are you okay?"

She sniffed slightly and said "I... I don't know." She then burst in to tears. I took her hand and helped her up before taking my coat off and handing it to her. She snuggled deep inside of it and leant in to my shoulder. I kept my arm around her protectively and took her to my car.

   We drove back to mine, and I took her inside. Taking her in to the kitchen, I made her a cup of hot chocolate, whipped cream on top and everything. She smiled and then went to take it. I saw her hand. It was bleeding. I sat in the chair next to her, turned to face her, and took her hand. I then started to look at it. She had glass in it.

   "Excuse me." She said. "What's... what's your name?"

"Oh, sorry. It's Drake." I said smiling at her. "And you are?"

"Amber, I'm Amber."

"Well, Amber, you can either go to hospital and have a huge fuss made, or you can let me get this glass out here. Take your pick."

"You do it." I nodded and went to get the first aid box. One of the upsides of having a nurse for a mother, you got taught all of this first aid-y crap. I went downstairs and tended to Amber's hand. As I took the glass out, trying not to notice the fact that she kept on wincing. I apologised but continued. When her hand was cleaned and stitched up, I told her where the shower was and said that she should take as long as she liked.

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