Shehry's pov

"Okay amzy just last time then you can go for the brunch " i hold her wrist and turned her around her hairs again hit my face .

"Thaaankkk you sooo muchhhh ! Agr ap ab bhi na jane dete tou ap ko behosh kr k jane wali thi ! Hunnnhhhh ! You know what ? Pleaseee kbhi teacher na bna bhtt hi sariyal hoge " she said with gritted teeth ! I know i was being strict to her cause if i let her be a laazy ass we can't finish the perfomances ! She firstly came late for the practice then she was asking for the break to eat something but i didn't let her go for that !

"Yeah i know noe concentrate amzy please " i said simply ! She danced so well and the perfomance was done ! She laid down on the floor ! And i start packing speakers and all the stuff !

"Shehry i'm so tired can you please help me to get up ? " i nodded and took my hAnd out ! She took my hand and stand up ! I took my hand back amd start rubbing with other hand ! Yeah she still has effect on me! In the whole week every time we touch many electric shocks shoots in my body ! First it was hard to manage but then yeah i got practice on that too !

" emmm agr naya Pakistan bna liya ho tou chalen ? I'm starving ! " she shout from the main door i took all the stuff in the car ! She sat at the passanger seat then i asked "so whats the plan now ? " . i was hoping for a answer but when i turned my face toward her ! She was asleep ! I think she was so tired !

I pulled the car towards nando ! I parked the car and shake her shoulder lightly "amzy come in wake up " she opened her eyes and looked at me and asked "where we are shehry? " . i told her" at nandos your fav " .

We were walking towards the nandos ! We sat on the table ! She was looking at the table and speak

Amzy's pov

I think its a right time to discuss about his feelings towards me ! I know when everytime we touch , theres electric shocks shoots in both our bodies ! I saw love in his eyes but he is always silently looking at me ! Why don't you accept it shehry !

"Why you act a lil weird when i touch you ? Why you always look at me with these eyes?, " i was harsh yeah i was still half sleep ! And when i'm half sleep its like i'm drunk coz i always speak truth !

"Emm how do you know? " he asked and looked at me ! I put my both hands on my foreheads temple and reply "telepathy " .

He laugh and order some peri peri garlic chicken ! "Shehry answer me ! " this time i was looking straight in his brown eyes ! He furrowned on my postion ! I took my hand towards his face i un creased his furrow with my thumbs and i was still staring now my eyes were glossy ! I want my answer but why is he hiding ? Why is he so afraid to tell me !

Our order was done! We were silently munching on our chickens ! Then suddenly my phone rang ! I check the caller id its ruksana ! I pick the and she start speaking

"Amzy yaaaaarrrrrr tera suit iron krte waqt jaal gaya yaar ab kal kia kre gi ? Sorryyyy tm bahar ho is liye i checked your closet but there's no more like wedding suit " . i calmed her down ! " i'll get a new one from mall and i'll be late just because you know shopping thingy and don't worry aur agr tou ghar ake mjhe pata laga k tou roi hai main phr baat nai krun gi " i said to her we bid our goof byes !

I looked up at shehry and he was munching on his chicken . he still didn't change ! He still eats so much like our childhood days ! I state " tm abhi bhi bachpan ki trha bhokar ho ! "

" nahi yar tmhare aath raha tou dimag bht khapata hun is liye ziada khaa raha hun " i laugh at his statment ! Then i sweetly stated " shehry mjhe shopping pe le jayen ge ? Coz i need a dress for tomorrow ! Ruksana se mera dress jaal gaya ! " . i pouted at the last sentence so i can melt his heart !

"Emm puppy eyes not gonna work but main nai chahta kal mona aur ati ka day khrb ho tmhari wajha se kharab so lets go i know a wonderful designer us k outlet chalte hain " i noded and start using my phone and i wasn't eating my food just because of the tension for the dress !

Then shehry snatched my phone and i yelled " oye wapis do mera phone " .

"Pehle khao pura phr wapis mile ga ! " . my jaw dropped open by his act ! I tried my best to get my phone but it didn't worked so i quickly munch on my chicken and then smile weakly and said " pleasee ab tou mera phone de dein ! " .

"Ye lein apka phone " he said and gave my phone back to me ! Then he ruffle my hair and added "that's like a good girl ! " i smirked and i know its my cue and i lightly said " i know shehry bhaiya" i emphasize the word bhaiya and his face coloured flushed ! I start laughing and hugged him !  He hugged me back !

Tm nahi jante shehry tmhari in choti choti hrkaton se tmhara pyar jhalakta hai ! Aur tm itne bholley ho k smjh hi nai patee !

Shehry's pov

We went to designer's outlet ! She tried all the heavy dress but she didn't like any of them ! I stand up to call mama to tell her that i'm gonna late ! I turned around and saw amzy standing in a white kameez and ciggar pj with red and green border! My jaw dropped open and she furrowned and asked "ye bhi acha nahi lag raha ? "

I shook my head and said "you are looking perfect ! " she start blushing and went back to change in her cloths ! We debuted for paying money like 20 mins we are still fighting with each other ! Then the cashier lady shouted "the dress is for the lady so let your husband pay mam " .

I was totally froze at her words ! Amzy almost whisper "he's not my husband " and bit her lower lip ! My gaze was down ! Amzy took the advantage and pay the bill! I looked up and showed her a lil anger but she kept quit i think she didn't like the cashier lady's thought !

Kyun mjhe dar lag raha hai k tm mjhse dour jaa rahi ho amzy ! Kyun mjhse pyaar nai krtin tm !

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