chapter one.

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I knew this was a bad idea. I thought to myself.

I should've never moved out here, not by myself. Was a thought that kept repeating through my head.

Just keep running. 

You'll lose him eventually.

And that's what I did. I kept running.

I would look behind myself every so often to see how far he was and it seemed like I wasn't loosing him any time soon. I began cutting corners around random buildings and sprinting down random streets. I didn't care where I went, as long as I was away from that creep.

Though I had been going to the gym for the past ten months and preparing myself for this exact situation, I felt my body grow weak. I had been running away from this pervert for at least ten minutes now, I didn't know how much longer I could go.

I turned my head to look behind me and see how far he was now. I finally lost him. But I didn't trust it, not one bit. As I continued running forward, I was still checking behind myself to make sure he didn't come out of no where.

Once again, I turned down a random, busy street and slowed my running. At this point, I was beyond out of breath, my heart was about to pound out of my chest, and my legs felt like over cooked spaghetti. I had to stop at some point.

I looked behind me once more before I figured it would be a good time to stop running and rest for a few minutes. This was a well-populated area. I thought I'd be safe for a minute.

Still running forward and still looking behind me, I ran right into someone, both of us falling to the ground grunting in pain.

"Oh my god," I gasped trying to catch my breath. "Holy shit, I-I'm so sorry." I now looked down at the guy I realized I fell on. He looked to be around my age, somewhere in twenties. He was wearing a black baseball cap backwards, and his light tan skin was glowing either from the sun or his sweat. Something about him was so familiar.

"I didn't know Rodeo Drive turned into a track field." He chuckled as he looked up at me. I wish I could've seen his eyes, but instead I saw my reflection in his black RayBan aviators.

"I'm so sorry," I expressed again. "I didn't mean to." I told him even though that probably meant nothing to him.

"You're fine." He chuckled. "It's my fault. I was looking down at my phone being an obstacle in your 5k." He smirked.

I couldn't help but smile back, still trying to catch my breath. Something about his smirk seemed so familiar but I couldn't put my finger on it. I realized I was straddling him since I fell onto him and I quickly tried to get up off of him. I helped him up before we both straightened ourselves out.

"I really am sorry." I repeated as I looked up at him. He was much taller than me, at least by a foot. "Can I get you anything?" I offered to him. I didn't know what exactly I would get him, I just felt so bad for ramming into him the way I did.

He smirked once more before he let out a light chuckle and lifted his hat before running his fingers through his dirty blonde hair and placing the hat back on his head. "You can buy me a drink." He smirked.

"Buy you a drink?" I stammered. I was caught off guard, not expecting that response, but I also didn't want to question it. He nodded in response. "Y-Yeah, um, totally." I nodded. "When? Tonight? This weekend? I have plans this weekend but I can make room-"

"What are you doing right now?" He cut me off and I looked up at him to see him staring down at me with a soft smile.

"Um nothing." I managed to say. I was running from some creep who started harassing me in a record store. But I couldn't tell him that. I was suddenly so flustered I didn't know what to think and I certainly did not want to say the wrong thing.

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