Surviving High School chapter 1 Outcast

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Chapter 1

There's a lot of different people in High School. There's the misunderstood gothic kids, the preps, the jocks. I could go on forever but I do have a point with this. Everyone has a group at Katherin High but me.  

I have one friend at school. He's sort of popular when I think about it.  All the girls throw themselves at him because of his good looks. He's also good at sports which got him popular in the first place.

"Hi Lilly," Caleb meets me at my locker like he does every day so that we can want to homeroom together. 

"Hello Caleb," I say while looking up at him.  I stumble a little because he's so tall and I have to look up to see him properly. 

"You're a dork Lilly," Caleb says making me blush.

"I can't help it!" He just laughs at me more.  

After homeroom I go to my next class which sadly I don't have with Caleb. It's just a typing class though so it doesn't really matter whose in my class.

When I get to my next class I immediately spot Caleb and sit next to him just like everyday. But his girlfriend Abby was with him. I sit on his other side and she glares at me. "What?" I ask. 

"Back off." She says giving me a nasty look. Caleb looks at me then at her. 

"What's the problem Abby?" 

"Her. She is such a little kid. Doesn't she see that your taken? I mean why can't she just leave you alone?!" I start to laugh hysterically. She looks like she's about to kill me but it's so funny because now Caleb looks mad. 

"She's my best friend she won't leave me alone because I don't want her to leave me alone." He says like he's talking to a child, "if you can't realize that I don't think we can stay together." She pouted and clung to him. He shook her off only then did it sink in that he broke up with her. This kind of stuff wasn't new though because he always had this problem with girls. They always got mad at at me for being around him and he always broke it off with them for that reason. I always feel really guilty because of it. I honestly don't know why all these girls are so threatened by me though. I'm not very high up on the social ladder and I'm not very attractive and I don't have a sparkling personality by any means.

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