Chapter Twenty Six

Magsimula sa umpisa

“Just tell me the truth. Promise, walang makakaalam.” She grinned.

I let out a deep breath. “There’s really nothing to tell.”

“Kung hindi ka pa handang magshare okay lang. Malalaman din naman namin yan.” She giggled.

I rolled my eyes at her and smiled. Today was just like any other day except for the moment I smile because I think of Axel and all the times we shared at the lake house. I just couldn’t forget about it. The talks we had, the laughters we shared.  

As I was working on my computer, someone knocked on the door. Cooper got up and opened it. “Delivery po para kay Ms. Valerie Zamora.”

I turned my head to the door when I heard my name. The guy stood there with a big white basket filled with pink roses.

“Oh my god.” Nicole squealed.

Pinapasok ni Cooper ang lalaki at inilapag nito ang basket sa ibabaw ng desk ko.

“Kanino galing ‘to?” I asked.

The guy just smiled at me before walking out. The two nosy couple gathered around my desk. Nicole and Cooper looked at me as if waiting for an explanation.

“What?” Nagpalit-palit ako ng tingin sa kanila.

I noticed a tiny card sticking up in the bouquet. Kinuha ko iyon at binuksan.

You too. –A

Iyon lang ang nakalagay doon. What? My brows furrowed in confusion. Ano’ng ibig sabihin ng ‘You too’.

“Ano yung you too. Sino si A?” Nicole asked, she was already behind my back reading the card.

“Si Atticus o si Aaron?” Cooper said.

I remembered what I said to him before getting out of the car. Have a nice day and I love you. And this was his response? Para ba ito sa ‘Have a nice day’ o sa ‘I love you’ ko?

I sighed dreamily. It doesn’t matter. He just gave me a bunch of pink roses. I took one stem from the basket and smelled the rose. I felt like there were hundred- no, thousands of butterflies going wild inside my stomach.

Lunch time finally came. I was so excited to see Axel. I looked around the cafeteria, trying to find Axel. My heart skipped a beat when I saw him walk in. His confidence and poise and powerful presence was unmistakeable. Our eyes met and locked. We needed no words. He gave me a subtle smile and I smiled back at him.

Kahit gustuhin ko hindi ako pwedeng lumapit sa kanya. I knew we were the talk of the office. He probably already knew it too. Nakuntento na lang kami sa paminsan-minsang sulyap. When I catch him looking at me, he smiles at me and when he catches me looking at him I smile at him. It was as if we were exchanging a silent conversation that only wordless glance could convey.   

Nauna akong matapos kumain kina Nicole at Cooper. Nagpaaalam ako sa kanila. I got out of the cafeteria hoping he'd follow me and he did.

"Hey." He said, while I stood in front of the elevator, waiting for it to open.

"Hi, Mr. Lavigne." 

"Did you like the flowers I sent you?" He asked.

I couldn't hold back my smile even if I wanted to. "They're beautiful. But why did you sent me those?"

The elevator door opened and we stepped inside.

"Gusto lang kitang pasalamatan sa pagsama mo sa akin sa lake house." He answered.

"You don't have to thank me. Nag-enjoy akong kasama ka. I should be the one thanking you."

"You can thank me by going out to dinner with me tonight."

It was so hard to contain my squeal. Did he just asked me out? Oh my god! "Sure."

Bumukas ang elevator sa floor ko. We looked at each other, he smiled. "Okay, then it's a date. See you tonight."

Parang ang bigat ng mga paa ko habang palabas akong elevator. I still wanted to be with him. He nodded bye to me just before the elevator door closed.

We were going to have a date tonight. I really believed tha this was a start of a new relationship for us. I felt like time was going slow as I sat on my desk and did my work. I kept checking the time. Thirty minutes before my shift ended, the office phone rang. I answered it, the call was from the lobby.

"Hello, good evening. May I please speak with Ms. Valerie Zamora."


"You have a visitor waiting for you here in the lobby by the name of Mr. David Ponce."

"What?" Bigla akong napabalikwas sa kinauupuan ko.

"Mr. David Ponce, ma'am."

"O-okay." Napakurap ako. What was he doing here?

I told Nicole and Cooper that I had to leave earlier and went down to the lobby. David got up from his seat when he saw me. Sinalubong niya ako at niyakap. I immediately pulled away from the hug.

"Valerie, I'm so glad to see you again." He said cupping my face.

"What are you doing here? Paano mo nalamang nandito ako?"

"Sinabi sa akin ni tito Jaime na dito ka na raw nagtatrabaho." He answered. "Bakit umalis ka ng hindi mo man lang sinabi sa akin? I missed you so much, princess."

"I-I'm sorry. It was a sudden decision."

"Yeah, I understand. Ang mahalaga magkasama na ulit tayo."

"David, we need to talk." I chewed on my bottom lip, nervously.

Axel's POV

I watched in silence from afar where they couldn't see me. I could feel my jaw clenching and my teeth grinding together. She was with the man who had her first. Gusto kong lumapit sa kanya at ilayo siya sa lalaking iyon pero pinigilan ko ang sarili ko. I wanted to know how this would turn out. Gusto kong patunayan sa sarili ko na mali ang iniisip ko. That Valerie was over him. That she would choose me over him. 

David walked away and Valerie took out her phone from her bag. My phone rang. I reached for it from my inner coat pocket and answered it.

"Hi." I tried to sound casual.

"Axel, may importante akong lakad ngayon. I'm sorry I can't go out with you tonight. Hindi na din ako makakasabay sa'yo pauwi."

"Saan ka pupunta?" 

 "I just, um- I forgot na nakapangako na pala ako kina Trina ngayon gabi. I'm so sorry, Axel."

What a fucking liar.

"Axel..." She spoke again when I didn't answer. "I love you."

I felt nothing but disgust when I heard her say that. How could she say that and be with another man, that lying little whore. Ibinaba ko agad ang phone.

I was almost ready to let her in and then I saw this. I saw her lying right in front of my face. She made a fool out of me.  She made me believed that she really loved me. Isa lang pala iyong malaking kalokohan. The moment David came to her, she just dropped me like it was nothing.

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