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Love. A four lettered word with an unlimited number of meanings. Every person, religion, country, planet has a different concept of what love means, which can sometimes lead to confusion. Sometimes people understand love as the feeling they have towards their family members, close friends and even pets like dogs, cats, birds, or... camels.

Love is also the feeling you feel for your other half. The person you choose to be with for the rest of your life. Sometimes people give away their love carelessly without any thought, like when a stranger returns a lost item and the person answers: “Oh thank you! I love you!” On the other hand, sometimes people take to long to express their true feelings until it’s to late and their other half is gone, because they couldn't wait forever.

Some people search their whole life for love; others find it early on in their life with their childhood best friends. Love is happiness, but also pain. Love is not everything, but without love everything is nothing. Love is always there, but can sometimes be forgotten when hope is gone. Love can save, but also destroy.

My name is Will. I am one of the many people that help soul mates find each other. No, I don't work for one of those dating agencies that makes you pay a fortune to find a person you can't stand. I work for a higher power. A group of people that don't live on earth, but in a place that isn't affected by time. These people choose about 50 newborn babies every year to continue their legacy. What are these babies picked to do you may ask? Well when they turn 15 they all of a sudden acquire the knowledge needed to help soul mates find each other.

Why some babies are chosen over others remains a mystery to me. All I know, is that I am one of them. A cupid is what most people would call us, except that we don't wear diapers and have little wings growing out of our backs. We don't have bows either. I really wonder who made that up.

I don't like being called a cupid though. I prefer matchmaker. I think that being chosen as one of the few was the best think that ever happened to me. It's an easy life that has no negative side, except for our enemies the heartbreakers. Apart from them, life for a matchmaker is easy. There is only one rule that we need to respect, and that is that we should never fall in love. 

Chapter 1: Sand Monsters

            “I love you!” I heard my mom yell as I made my way towards the main entrance of our newly acquired house.

“Same here! I’ll be back by dinner, ok?” I shouted back as I turned the doorknob.

“Sure, but don’t stuff your face while you’re out. I am going to make a delicious home cooked meal for this evening.”

I smiled at that, knowing very well that my mom couldn't cook to save her life. She would probably attempt to make something warm and then burn half the kitchen down. Then when she realizes that we need to be fed she quickly makes her salmon and cheese sandwiches. As I stepped out of the house I felt the warm sun heat on my face. For a few second, I just stood there on the porch. My eyes closed, the corners of my mouth turned up and my face tilted towards the sun. After realizing how strange I probably looked, I went down the steps towards my bike, before the neighbors start to think that they have a freak living next  door.

I got on to my bike and chose a random path to follow. I wasn’t exactly sure where I was going since it was my first day here in Tampa, Florida,  but I had a feeling that I was bicycling towards the sea. Before I even saw the sea I could hear the waves and the noise coming from the people enjoying a nice sunny day. The salty smell that only the sea has got stronger and stronger as I advanced. It didn't take long before the ocean and the beach came into view.

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