A Storm Ahead

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Leoni's POV
As we reached the tent I turned to Logan - we were still holding hands. I reached up to kiss his lips and he met me halfway. It was a sweet, loving kiss. After a moment we broke apart smiling.

"Storm is dying to get out for a run with Otis, shall we shift before we get dressed, honey?"

"Absolutely, my little love."

Taking a deep breath, I stepped back from him and felt my claws elongate, my frame crack and before 5 seconds had passed my white fur was growing quickly out of my skin. It had been a while since I had last shifted, so it felt wonderful to let Storm take over. As my four white paws landed on the sand below me I settled into the back of our shared mind. Storm gave herself a shake then stood quietly watching Logan.

Through Storm's eyes I could see Logan admiring her. "You are beautiful, Storm. I hope we will be able to mindlink when I shift. It is often the case with destined mates..." he ran his hand through her ruff and she leaned her head into him.

Next he stepped back with a grin and transformed incredibly quickly into a Huge grey wolf. He was stunning. Storm growled in appreciation at his strong frame and glossy grey fur.

"You like what you see my Storm?" Otis mindlinked.

"Perrrrhaps..." Storm replied flirtatiously, then she turned and flicked her tail in Otis' muzzle before taking off at full speed down the beach, spraying him with sand in her wake. My wolf always had sass, and I loved her for it!

Otis growled and leapt after her. He chased behind her and I could sense both Storm's and Otis' excitement- wolves loved to play. All of a sudden we felt Otis landing on top on us- Storm and Otis rolled down the beach nipping at each other adoringly. They ended up with Otis pinning Storm to the sand and licking her muzzle.

"Okay, okaaay," Storm mindlinked to Otis... "maybe I do like what I see Mr Alpha Wolf..."

Otis growled into the fur of her neck and gave her another lick to her muzzle.

"You're lucky that Logan made that promise my mate... if he hadn't I can guarantee you something very different would be happening right now on this sand..."

With that Otis climbed off us and stood to the side gazing down with eyes filled with only devotion. He had waited just as long for his mate and he seemed utterly smitten with her now that she was here. It made both mine and Storm's heart sing.

The two wolves did another couple of laps of the beach before we shifted back into our human forms. Logan came to me in his naked form and brought me into a tight embrace. He kissed the top of my head and gave me a gentle squeeze.

"Storm is breathtaking my little Leoni, just like you are..." he breathed into my hair.

"Otis is beautiful Logan. Utterly beautiful. But he's Huge!" I couldn't contain my giggle.

He laughed too, "Well I am an Alpha you know, little mate..." leaning back to look at me, "I'm not so little in this form either, in case it has escaped your notice..."

The now familiar heat came to my cheeks though this time I didn't shy away from him to hide my blush... he seemed to like it as he smiled warmly as he gazed at me, "Alpha Logan... there is absolutely nothing Little about you..."

He growled at my flirty little comment and I laughed happily. "So where are my clothes, big boy??"

"Goddess, Leoni, you are making keeping this promise very Hard for me you know..." he said chuckling... I glanced down and saw his manhood again swollen and standing to attention between us. My blushes renewed on my cheeks and I leaned up to kiss him once again.

"Now... my big Alpha... let's get dressed before we end up back in that tent...!" I told him firmly.

"Mmm... alright my love," Logan sighed, " it looks like Adele has packed us both a change of clothes. We really must thank her..."

"Wow, that's so amazing of her." I said, lifting out some navy leggings, a pair of white lace panties and a pink tunic top out from the side of the picnic hamper. I threw them on swiftly along with the bra and flip flops I had worn yesterday evening. It all seemed to fit me okay - the tunic top clung quite tightly to my breasts but a new bolder, confident Leoni seemed to be blossoming inside me and I smiled as I ran my hands over the top smoothing out the creases.

Logan changed into a fresh pair of jeans and a black Tshirt before quickly taking down the tent and putting anything that would fit into the picnic basket. Together we carried everything back to the car - though Logan seemed to forget that I was a wolf and not a weakling as he insisted on only letting me carry cushions and blankets. I smiled at his sweet gesture, however. I caught him taking a second glance at my breasts as they pushed against the form fitting material of the top... but I pretended not to notice. He was my mate - a very major part of me wanted him to lust after me, obsess over me and want to caress me every moment that we were apart.

On the way back in the car I could tell that he was mindlinking. His mood seemed to darken markedly so whatever the news was it didn't please him.

"What's wrong Logan?" I asked quietly from beside him.

He seemed reluctant to answer but after a moment or two he spoke, "Another bloody rogue has broken through the border. He has grabbed a young pup and is holding him at knifepoint whilst demanding an audience with me." The anger rolled off him as he spoke.

"Th-at's terrible... what can I do?" I asked softly.

"No! You will stay away. You must Not come anywhere near this rogue Leoni... please promise me that you will stay in the pack house..." he turned away from the road for a second and pleaded with his eyes.

"Okay Logan. Please stay safe..."

He chuckled darkly, "Oh little mate, don't worry about me... I will crush this rogue... he won't know what has hit him... he Dares to start this with Me..."

"I'm sure the parents of the young pup will be beside themselves with distress Logan... can I go to them and comfort them?" I asked carefully.

"No Leoni... the parents of the pup are at the scene, it's Atticus... It's baby Atticus that the filth is holding," Logan inhaled sharply, "Adele and Austin are there pleading with the rogue to release their child... Austin was patrolling with a group of warriors when Adele and Atticus met them to give them treats they had baked... they were ambushed and Atticus was grabbed."

I felt my blood run cold. This was unbearable, that sweet little boy now was at the mercy of an evil rogue wolf... my heart could barely stand it... I gasped for oxygen as a sense of panic set in.

"Leoni, sweetheart, trust me..." Logan attempted to soothe me, "I WILL get Atticus back safely."

I deliberately made efforts to slow my breathing and after a moment it seemed to be working. The terrifying situation was also bringing back flashes of the night my parents were murdered... so much blood... I looked up into my mate's eyes and found some calm and reassurance.

We had arrived at the pack house now and Logan parked the car in front of the main doors. "Leoni, listen to me. Atticus is going to be fine. I need to go now and teach this rogue a lesson he won't forget but I will be back soon. Please, my love, please stay here where you are safe as we are unable to use the bond to communicate as of yet and it makes you more vulnerable."

I nodded soberly. "Please save him and come back swiftly to me Logan. I love you."

He reached out and stroked my cheek, "I love you too, my sweet girl."

With that we got out of the car. I walked up the steps of the pack house turning around in time to see Logan shred his clothing shifting into his wolf before taking off at full speed towards the border.

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