Snake In The Grass

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Leoni's POV
I stepped into the pack house and made my way to the kitchen. I was a ball of nerves and worry for Logan and little Atticus. At home in Nantucket, in happier times, when I had been upset or worried about something I always found it soothing to bake. I knew it could seem odd to my new pack but I needed to find a way to calm myself down and I knew this would help me. Plus, I told myself, when Logan got back with little Atticus they could both do with something comforting waiting for them.

There didn't seem to be anyone around so I had a rummage through the kitchen cupboards for what I needed - a small smile came to my face when I realised I had had everything for chocolate brownies.

I mixed together 2 sticks of butter, 5 oz of chocolate, 4 eggs, a tiny bit of salt, flour and a spoonful of vanilla essence. This was a recipe I could do in my sleep so it didn't take long atall until the mix was poured into a tray and in the oven. I stepped back having just closed the oven door when a loud "Hiya Luna!" nearly made me jump out of my skin. Of course, it was Sophia and I was actually really pleased to see her.

I turned around to her with my hand on my heart - "Have you ever actually succeeded in giving anyone a heart attack with that sneaking up tactic?!" I laughed.

"Nah, but with your reaction there I Must be getting closer!" She joked back, raising herself up and sitting on the kitchen counter. "So... I heard about the rogue... Atticus will be fine, you know? Logan will annihilate anyone who messes with our pack like that. Especially a pup."

I nodded quietly and began tidying my baking things and putting them in the sink to wash. I knew Logan was strong, Very strong in fact. But I couldn't help but worry, especially with not being able to mindlink yet. A thought occurred to me.

"Sophia, can you mindlink Logan over the pack link and see if he's okay... if Atticus is okay?"

"I think Logan has put his wall up - he tends to do that when he has serious Alpha shit going on... I'll try..." Sophia paused and I could see in her eyes that she was trying to link, "No dice... sorry Leoni. But look, he'll be back soon. Everything will be fine. Whatcha baking??"

Sophia's nose was twitching in the direction of the oven as the baking brownies' chocolatey smell was now starting to fill the pack kitchen.

"Brownies..." I mumbled, "Baking helps me when I'm wound up, you know?"

"Uh-huh... you know my Mom does the exact same thing when she's upset or worried...?" Sophie said thoughtfully, "Logan has landed on his feet with you Leoni - smells like he has gone from one frequent delicious baked goods living arrangement to another!" She laughed.

I couldn't help but laugh too. Sophia was so sweet that she just had that effect on everyone I guessed. Looking at the timer though I suddenly shreiked - "I need to get them out!"

Sophia calmly threw me the oven mitts - "My name's on at least half of these, right?" She smirked.

"Ha! No, Miss Sophia- you'll need to Share!" I mock lectured her as I lifted the tray from the oven and turned it off. I exhaled my tension- the brownies were done Just Right.

"But first they need to cool!" I shooed her away just as her phone started buzzing.

"Argh it's a guy from school I'm Kinda going out with... don't tell Logan... I better take this! Back soon for brownies though!" Sophia said excitedly and left the kitchen. I could hear her voice getting fainter as she went upstairs chatting happily. I smiled - she was fast becoming a friend and I was happy to see her happy.

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