My Former Killer

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Jane The Killer Origin Story-

It was 3 AM,I haven't been able to sleep for the past week, this night especially. Something was worring me something that I haven't felt before. I don't know what it was, but I had a feeling, A feeling someone was watching me.

I've looked out my window a million times and I can't see anybody anything or anyone. Maybe this will pass, maybe this is just a phase. I'm probably just going crazy. I watched too many scary movies anyways. Especially about murders and killing.

I twiddled with my black long hair in my fingers. With my other hand tapping on my bed as a looked around my room eager to fall asleep. My window was behind me, my back against it as I try to ignore the feeling of someone staring at me.

My lamp was on, the shining light beaming around my room, I knew it wasn't helping me fall asleep but. . .I knew I wasn't falling asleep anyhow.

As I sat in the Silence of my room I heard a thud outside of my window. It startled me, I flinched around to see out my window only to see darkness staring back at me. I squinted my eyes to try to make out any objects that might be moving of the darkness. My heart thumping in fear in the process. When my body felt like it was sure nothing was there I turned around And took a deep breath.

"It's okay Jane, it's nothing you just can't sleep tonight and your brain is playing tricks on you."

I told myself trying to ensure my scattered heartbeats. Just as I finished calming myself down, I heard a voice. A deep Shallow one. It came from outside, it was a muffled voice. It asked me a question, a question that I never thought a voice would ask me at this time of night. I thought it was a burglar, and burglars don't usually ask that before they come in.

"Can I... Come in?"

The voice asked me. I didn't move I didn't talk I didn't blink I didn't breath. When I didn't respond I heard tap on the window. I was still in to much shock to turn around, in fear that I might catch a gaze of this killer or burglar.

"Look, I'm not here to hurt you. I just... Want to see you."

The voice said unsure of its sentence. My window was locked but for some reason I still nodded ensuring to voice it can come in. I know, I'm stupid. But to my surprise I heard a click, and then my window slowly slide open. My eyes were wide and I waited to see what kind of intruder was climbing through my window.

I saw black pants and shoe pass by my face as he continued his intrusion. I saw a white hoodie start to skip past my eyesight. Then I saw some Black flimsy hair curtain over my face. When his hair moved it revealed a face, a very white face with only dabs of blood on it's cheeks. His bangs shifted away as I saw his white piercing eyes.

Before he could catch a glimpse of my face I quickly hid under my blankets. I then heard a deep chuckle, it sounded very deranged as if I fell into a trap. His voice started to turn from a laugh to a sentence which went on to say.

"Haha, thanks for making this so easy."

I heard the slip of a knife. I knew I was going to die, I was going to die because of my foolishness. I knew that feeling wasn't nothing, I knew I should have done something, I knew I should have told someone. But in my last moments, I want to see him.

I want to have one last good look at my killers face. So I looked. I quickly swapped down my covers to lock a gaze with my killer. My eyes shifted to find his, as he did as well. When our eyesight crossed paths we both stopped. We just stared. I had that same feeling again. That feeling I had when he was watching me throughout the past week of no sleep. But this time... It was, a little different. Instead of feeling fear in my stomach, I felt it in my heart. But it felt good Like I wanted it to last forever.

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