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I got tagged by booksfrlife, I'm sick but, I can fill this out and work on the new chapter.

Name: Cassie (not short for Cassandra.)
Height: 5' 4" and growing.
Relationship Status: SINGLE, and I do not plan to date anyone or any of that anytime soon.
Age: Older than my brother who just turned 11, but I'm not 16. That's all I'll say.
Crush: No one.
Besties On Wattpad:
cowgirlmarie (and personally, more so personally)
Divergent_is_life46 (same.)
booksfrlife (I am friends through Wattpad.)
blackwolves16 (ditto)
fantasyfan38 (you can guess)
And two others who I don't know their usernames. (Personal)
Best Guy Friend: Taveon (I've known him for years) I guess. Maybe Lewis or Morgan? Or Tyler or Dylan? They're not on here, I really don't know them that well, but they're nice to know (no girl drama!), maybe Kyle! He's a navy dude who comes to our school, with Divergent_is_life46
Last Time I Laughed: yesterday. cowgirlmarie, your dad, he just about killed my mom from making her laugh so hard... No, it was today! We had a personal space lesson in Health (Last Block).
Last Time I Cried: I don't know, I don't usually get emotional over books. Sorry ;(, there are a few though.


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