Touching Heaven

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Leoni's POV
"L-Logan I want... m-ore..." I whimpered as he hovered over my marking spot. My panties were soaking through with my arousal and my body Ached for him to touch me, to do more to me... I ached to touch him more...

Those four words seemed enough to transform my Alpha mate into a lustful tornado. I gasped as he resumed his ministrations, but this time there was an undeniable Fire behind every movement. He was becoming breathless above me and I felt the same hardness I had felt in his bedroom pushing into my thigh. I gave an involuntary groan as I felt it and at the same time I became aware that my core, between my legs was throbbing now. Seriously throbbing. The feeling and the heat inside me was like nothing I had ever imagined in my girlish daydreams. It was breathtaking. Literally...

Logan growled as he moved again to my neck, licking, kissing and gently biting me. He raised his head to look at me and breathlessly told me what I already knew- "I love you Leoni... I just want to worship you until the end of my days..." With that he started to move his kisses down my neck to my chest. They soon met with the material of my dress and he groaned again.

I breathlessly whispered, "Logan, take off your shirt and let's go inside the tent..." I felt suddenly shameless. I didn't know if it was the mating bond or the moonlight but equally I didn't care.

He raised himself onto his knees and pulled his Tshirt over his head, leaving his muscular torso bare. My eyes widened and I felt the heat in my core building again. I joined him on my knees and trailed my finger from his lips, to his marking spot, down his sculpted chest, down his stomach to the waistband of his jeans. I had never touched a man's bare chest before and Logan had me entranced. He was perfection to look at. Moaning loudly he threw his head back, further exposing his neck to me which I lifted myself up to lick. I ran the point of my tongue up his neck and down again to where it met his shoulder... I circled where I knew I wanted to mark him. I may not have known much else but I knew about marking. I felt my canines extend and I brushed them lightly across the spot... Storm was all for marking him then and there...but this wasn't the time.

"Goddess... little love what are you Doing to me??" Logan breathlessly exclaimed.

"I'm testing your 'sexy as hell' theory out Alpha Logan..." I whispered in his ear and licked it as I stood up in front of his kneeling frame. He lightly moaned at my comment and followed me with his eyes as I stood in front of him. I bent slightly and lifted the hem of my dress a little, exposing my upper thigh... Logan sucked in a breath loudly and held it as he watched. I continued to lift the material up, exposing first my white cotton panties, then my stomach and finally my white Tshirt bra. I pulled the dress over my head and let my hair fall naturally.

I looked at Logan, "I trust you Logan..."

With that he bent and went into the tent before reaching out his hand to me. I took it and he pulled me in- I landed on top of him with a giggle.

"This is no laughing matter little mate... are you aware that you have an incredibly aroused Alpha in this tent with you... and you are in only your underwear..." he growled playfully at me and I giggled again.

This had him pulling me down to his lips, and sure enough that served to quickly silence my giggling... the sparks were exploding once more as we kissed and I held tightly onto his huge shoulders.

I pulled away from the kiss wanting to admire him. I seemed to love staring at and touching his amazing body. I let myself fall to his side and leaned on one of my elbows, smiling at him. He gazed at me and then I noticed his eyes roaming down my body. He licked his lips.

"You are surely a dream my little mate. And you look just like you did in my dreams... how is that I wonder..."

"I had the same dreams Logan. Since I was 15, I dreamt of your face and your caress. You looked exactly as you do now. I wonder if we were projecting to each other..." I replied thoughtfully.

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