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This is Generation G’s official blog. What? You don’t know what Generation G is? Well of course you don’t. Generation is a podcast about teens of the generation talking about their experiences in baltimore city. Some of the topics that would be included are discussions about how teachers in between elementary, middle, and high school made us feel and how it affected our Baltimore experience. Our second session may include a discussion about standardized tests and our personal opinions on the manner.  We’ll include our beliefs and experiences with them and will give the listeners a more realistic point of view about them. Our third session may include conversations about the connection between mental health and the workload teachers supply us. Giving a more open in depth look about how homework affects teen’s mental health. Our fourth session exhibits a talk about school lunches and what we think of them. 

You may ask why we are talking about Baltimore city public schools? Well the G in our name stands for griots. And griots are people who tell stories and change opinions all over the world.  Baltimore City Public Schools is a public school district in the city of Baltimore, Maryland, United States. It serves the youth of Baltimore City. Most people perceive Baltimore as “dirty and smelly’’ or as Trump would say “rat infested”. But we are here to be the griots of Baltimore and show people everywhere that we are not just a ghetto and dangerous place. We are people with opinions, thoughts and efforts and who better to tell you that then teens of baltimore.

Our podcast has 4 panelists: Miller (he/him), Ayana(she/her), Red(she/they), and Shiloh(she/her) but if you don't want to use individual names just call us Mars. I'm Red and I and Miller write the blog :). We have our manager Diana(she/her). WE make up the generation g podcast. You can find our podcast here and I hope you enjoy mwah byee. - Red

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