Seeing Stars

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Logan's POV
I was just about done with interrogating the rogue who had made his way across our border. He seemed to be just another chancer, hoping to steal what he could from any pack he came across. He looked genuinely afraid when he saw me approach. My dominant Alpha side enjoyed seeing the fear and discomfort in my enemies eyes at the mere sight of me. I knew I was an intimidating sight at 6'5" with my huge muscular frame. Edward was big too as a Gamma but I stood taller and bulkier again.

Just as Edward and I were discussing whether to flog the rogue or throw him into the pack jail I felt Mel urgently mindlinking me.

"Alpha. I'm sorry, Leoni has disappeared. She can't have gone far, we were talking and then she had gone. I am searching the grounds in case she has simply stepped out for a moment of quiet."

I growled. I couldn't yet mindlink my little mate as she hadn't officially joined the pack nor had we completed the mating act. I told Edward to flog the rogue to teach him not to mess with our pack and then let him go, before stripping and shifting to run back to the pack house. I felt a sense of worry in my gut, but what harm could come to her in my own pack?

As I rapidly approached the pack house and shifted I had another mindlink from Mel- "Alpha. Come to the front lobby, I smell her blood."

Incensed at that I shoved on my jeans, that I had carried in my mouth when I shifted, and sped in the front doors to almost collide with Mel who had just reached there also. Sophia wasn't far behind and I saw my Father appearing down the stairs sniffing the air. I smelt it too. Leoni's beautiful citrus and floral scent mixed with the slightly metallic scent of her blood. "No..." I muttered following her scent across the lobby and opening the bathroom door. I sensed Mel, Sophia and my Father just behind me.

I froze as my eyes fell on the scene in the bathroom, Caitlyn had my gorgeous, gentle mate pinned up against the wall. Her filthy hands were around her throat while she taunted her. I took a quiet step towards them, I wanted to be close enough that I could grab Caitlyn before she had the chance to try to snap Leoni's neck. The thought of that sent the coldest of shivers down my spine.

"You are going to DIE, BITCH! You'll never see your precious mate again, you'll never even mate with him and you'll DIE a virgin!! Yes, I can tell - the scent is unmistakable even mixed with Logan's. Don't worry, he will have ME to comfort him when you are dead. I'll FUCK him until he has FORGOTTEN you even existed! HA!" Caitlyn screamed into Leoni's face like a woman possessed.

I was about the step forward and pull this psycho off my mate when my eyes widened in surprise at what happened next. Leoni looked Caitlyn straight in the face with a fire in her eyes and delivered an uppercut punch to her jaw that was worthy of an Alpha or a professional boxer. Caitlyn was flung across the room and looked stunned. She stumbled backwards slightly before advancing again on my little mate snarling. It was clear she was planning to shift as I saw her claws starting to extend. She meant to kill Leoni - there was no doubt about it.

I felt Otis growling angrily in my head, but the next second Leoni reached out her hands towards Caitlyn and there was a sudden scraping noise from the ceramic sink unit on the wall. I watched in surprise as it came free, as if being pulled by invisible strings, and flew up in the air. Before anyone could even take a breath it had landed with a deafening Crash on top of Caitlyn. Caitlyn was now unresponsive on the ground with blood seeping from her head and rubble all around her.

I heard a gasp from Sophia and Mel behind me and felt my Father's hand pat my shoulder in a reassuring gesture. I snapped my eyes back to Leoni and it broke my heart - she was looking at the scene in shock, shaking. I took two large, quick strides and engulfed her in my arms. She sank into my body, the familiar sparks erupting as I ran my fingers up and down her delicate arms. My amazing, beautiful, gifted mate...

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