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Leoni's POV
It was a wonderful evening, meeting Logan's family and pack made me feel like I was at home. It had been hard explaining to his parents about what my Uncle Fabian had done but they had been so warm and understanding. I could sense Alpha Bryson's powerful aura - it was very similar to Logan's, sort of warm but dominant. His appearance was also very like that of his son's, he was of a similar height (Logan was slightly taller at 6'5") and looked like he was also a very muscular Alpha. His slightly greying hair only served to highlight his chocolate brown eyes - I could see where Logan got his good looks from certainly. The way his eyes moved to his mate when she spoke or moved was beautiful to me, and reminded me with a jolt of my own parents. They had shared a loving and close bond, one I had always hoped for with my own mate.

Logan's mother Fern was a petite she-wolf with an aura that buzzed with vivacity and compassion. I could sense that she had a gift of some sort and I puzzled as to what it could be. Her golden eyes reminded me of Logan and they spoke of fondness and devotion for her pack and family. His little sister Sophia was such a ball of raw energy and cuteness, she had dark bouncy curls that framed her face and the same golden eyes as her brother. I couldn't help but be caught up in her joy and excitement. I hoped we could be good friends. Storm liked her a lot too I could tell- which was high praise indeed for she could be a fussy wolf!

There were a few more unpleasant auras that I sensed as the evening wore on, but I imagined that this was only to be expected when meeting such a large and powerful pack. Edward, Logan's Gamma, produced an immediate shudder from my shoulders when I met him which I tried to cover with a smile. He was perfectly polite and respectful to both his Alpha and myself but his aura communicated to me a feeling of frustration, pent up anger and a darkness. Perhaps I had caught him on a bad day, I shrugged.

I learnt a great deal about the Midnight Moon Pack - I was overjoyed to learn that I was still near to the sea. Having been brought up on a small island in MA I had always had a strong connection with the sea. I longed to have the sand between my toes once more and to shift and let Storm run on the beach. I longed to swim in the salty water and paddle board again. The pack was located near the city of Powell River on the northern Sunshine Coast of southwestern British Columbia, in Canada. Located in dense forest away from human hiking trails the location was idyllic. Logan had taken over as Alpha from his Father when he was 19 years old, although there was still something being unsaid about his Father - I didn't get the impression that he was at the pack all of the time nor that he was enjoying a life of retirement. He wasn't an old man by any means so it would've been no surprise to me if he had told me that he had ongoing business ventures or travelled extensively for pleasure. I didn't have long to puzzle on it as there were so many excited wolves to meet.

I enjoyed chatting with Adele and Austin - their pups were an absolute delight, especially little Atticus who showered me with affection until he was escorted to bed by his Father. I looked forward to playing some more with all three of them again in the coming days. Adele the female Beta was a friendly and kind she-wolf, she doubtless knew of where Logan found me but didn't mention it which I was grateful for. Thinking of Valerie and the Auction brought me a sense of fear and shame, however misplaced those emotions might be.

After the meal groups of wolves split in different directions and I moved with Logan and Sophia into the pack lounge. We sat on a couch and chatted happily, Mel the pack Doctor joined us before long and I felt at ease. I found myself laughing and playfully pretending to push away Logan's arms as he put them around me. In truth I wanted nothing more than to have his muscular arms surrounding me. To have his lips on mine.

My thoughts were interrupted by Edward bringing news of pack business that required Logan's attention. I pouted and he kissed my forehead. At least he promised to return as soon as he was able. As he left the room I was suddenly acutely aware of a menacing gaze on me. I turned my head and caught sight of a she-wolf staring daggers at me from across the room. Her lip curled slightly at the side and she looked positively livid. Her aura was shaking and malevolent.

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