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Lilly POV

"Lilly wake up"
I woke up to my 9 year old sister yelling in my ear to wake me up.
"5 more minute"
"No we'll be late come on"
I turned over to look at my clock to see it was 10 to 8 s*** I have to be at school by 8:15 I quickly jumped out of bed and ran to the bathe room and took a 10 minute shower and brushed my teeth and my hear whiles drying it by the time I got down stares it was 5 past 8 o I quickly grabbed some money for lunch and an apple and grabbed my sisters arm pulling her to the car I jumped in and sarted to drive when I got to my sisters school I stopped.
"Have a good day I'll pick u up after school bye"
With that I drove off to my school by the time I got there it was half past 8 so I was late but I didn't care I am the bad girl any way.

I whent to the office and got my time table and a late pass.

Time table

* maths
* literacy
* r.e.
* history

Uhhh the worst lessons ever until lunch and after oh joy let's go see what teacher I have in my new school.

Once I got to the door I slambed it open and looked arownd all eyes where on me :-)

"WHO DO U THINk U ARE COMING AND desterbing my class!"

"I'm new and on my time table it says I have maths room 480 is this not the class!" I said with a smurk

"Oh u must be lilly would u like to introduce yourself to the class"


"Oh OK just go chose a seat anywere"

So I went to sit at the back by a bleach blond barbey doll slut cause I like to sit at the back and annoy people aspesially sluts.

"You can't sit there someone already does so go find a another seat bi**"

So me being me I sat down right there then suddenly the door slammed open just like what I did a minute ago and came in 3 boys hot boys if I say so my self.

"OMG baby I have missed you this bi** stole your seat u need to put her in her place" the slut next to me shouted at the boy at the front of the 3

The boys just came over the boy at the front told the slut to move.

"Move out of my seat Amanda and for the last time I'm not your baby"
The slut quickly rushed to find a other seat then all 3 boys terned to me and the front one said "now u move no one but from us sit on this table so beat it bi**"
All right that's it I hate being called bich more then 2 times

"Look here di**head I'm not moving from this table u may of controlled everyone else but not me so go of and screw one of your sluts because I have had anoth of this sh**"
Then suddenly


Hi my readers umm sorry if its short but hey I am writing this at 1 am I hope its good plz vote and comment thx for the 8 readers but can u vote or comment if u like it :-)  peace out :-)  byz
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