Chapter 3

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Chapter 3:

Bella POV:

"You should try sometime to shoot with fog. It helps" I said.

"Really? Why?" Will said.

"Yah, it makes it harder to see, and if you can shoot a bull's eye in that, shooting a bull's eye without the fog is as easy as a piece of blue cake." I say and we hear the dinner bell ring so we start to walk there.

"I see that you have taken on Percy's favorite saying." Nico states.

"How couldn't I? When he and Annabeth IM's you every single week and he uses that saying at least once in the conversation. "

"Annabeth and him" Annabeth says coming up next to us.

"Hey Beth" I say

"What are you doing here are you okay?" Before I can answer Percy comes up to Annabeth, kisses cheek, laces their fingers, and starts to walk next to her.

"Hey cous." Me and Nico say.

"Hey." Wow Percy as observant as usual, he hasn't noticed I am here. Such a wonderful cousin.

"WOW! Bells, sorry I didn't see you. Why are you here?"

"I was going to tell Annabeth that right before you walked up." I sassed.

"Bellasassy" Nico and Percy say together.

"Really guys." Will, Annabeth, and I roll our eyes at the same time as we say that.

"If you want to know why I am back, ask Neeks because I really don't want to talk about it right now." I says as we walk into the dining pavilion. I get my food and walk to the fire.

"Dad, please help me feel better." I whisper while I push part of my burger and the ripest strawberry into the fire. I go back to the hades table and sit across from Nico. We eat in silence. Right as I finish Chiron stands up.

"Hello Campers. One of our campers has returned everyone welcome back Bella Swan." he claps along with everyone else. I blush and finish eating my food. After the campfire I go straight to my cabin and fall asleep.

For the next few days I fall back into the rhythm of camp. I wake up , sword fight with Luke, archery with will, underworld stuff with Nico, controlling the mist with Loo Ellen (I think that is her name) , and then I go to sleep. I missed this.

Edward POV:

I miss my Bella. There are so many things I didn't know about Bella. Where did she learn to shoot a bow and arrow? Why didn't she tell me she had siblings? Who is this Luke?

"Carlisle, can we talk to Charlie and see if Bella is still there?"

"Okay." We run to Charlie's house and I nock on the door.

"What." Charlie says with a sour face.

"Can I talk to Bella?"

"No she is at camp in long island sound, in New York. Good luck finding her." Charlie spits at me.

'He will never find her. He probably can't even get into camp. Wait didn't Bella tell me that he can read minds? Stop thinking about Bella. I need to get food, like lettuce...........'

Why would Bella tell him that? Where is she? We go back to the house and I speed up to my room and start to pack my bag.

"Everyone I am going to go to New York to find Bella. Is anyone coming with me?"

"We all are coming Edward."Esme says.

"I miss my little sis." Emmet says.

"Okay, it is settled lets go to New York to find Bella."

Bella POV:

It is starting to feel like I am trapped at camp.

"Hey Neeks... Do you want to go to McDonalds then go to the mall to get more black clothes?" I say to Nico with puppy dog eyes.

"Fine , but only because you gave me those eyes and it is McDonalds."


<Time Skip to the Mall>

"Come on Nico, let's go into Hot Topic."

"Finneeeeeeeeee. Only if I have to." he says and I giggle pulling him into to the store. After I bought like every Harry Potter, Hunger games, and Divergent thing in the store. I am obsessed with Harry Potter every sense for my 14th birthday, right after the Gaia war, Annabeth got me them in Greek. I returned the favor by giving her the Hunger games series and the Divergent series in Greek. And that is how we became best friends.

We walk out with Nico holding most of the bags groaning.

"Man up Nico, you have gone through worse."

"Nope. I think this is the worst. You broke me." Nico says jokingly

"Stop joking Nico and...." I stop walking and drop my bags. Coming out of my third favorite store, first is Tilly's- second is hot topic- third is forever 21, is the Cullens.

"BELLA ANSWER ME!!"Nico yells but I ignore him.

"ISABELLA MARIE SWAN IF YOU DON'T ANSWER ME, I SWEAR THAT I WILL TAKE YOU TO OUR FATHER!" I was about to answer him but then Edward turned and I could see him gasp.

"Nico, its him, the asshole, Edward Cullen." I say then the world starts getting dark. I feel myself leaning on Nico and him holing me, my bags at our feet. The world goes dark.

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