Storm....A Really Big Storm

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It was pouring. But I didn't mind. I sat outside and let the rain fall on me. A beam of lightning struck. "Thalia! You should come in! You've been out here for about 5 hours. Then I realized how cold and numb I was. I nodded, "I am Payton." Payton was heading inside before I stopped her. "Payton?" She turned around, "yes Thalia?" I closed my eyes, "I miss Camp Half Blood. I wonder if the others made it. I want to see Percy, Annabeth and Grover." Payton grabbed my arm and helped me stand. "Well once you get inside you can ask Lady Artemis if we can visit."

Artemis was playing Go Fish with Sammantha. "Got any eights Sam? Hello Thalia." Sam grumbled as she gave Artemis her eight. "Hello my Lady. I was wondering can we visit Camp Half Blood while you're at your council meeting?" Artemis nodded, "yeah. Uh huh. Sure."

Time lapse

A sea of demigods swarmed up the hill to greet us. But Percy and Annabeth weren't leading them. Jason came running up. "Thalia! Hey sis how are you?" My eyes scanned the ocean of demigods. "Jason. I'm good. Where's Percy and Annabeth? They did not go on a quest without me!" Jason looked confused, "who's Percy?" I face palmed, "oh I dunno. He's our cousin and you spent 1 1/2 month with him on a ship." Jason shook his head. "Nope! Doesn't ring a bell." Idiot. I run to Percy's cabin. I look at all the pictures of him and his friends only to find Percy wasn't in them anymore. Annabeth walked in. "I know Thals. I don't know what happened to him. He just vanished, and everybody says they don't know him." She looked distraught. She looked scared and worried. "I'm going to sleep." I said.


"Thalia. I'm so sorry. I really didn't mean to." It was raining and I was on a beach. "Who? Where? How?" A human form came towards me. Although he had no face. His shirt didn't have anything on it. "Thalia. I am someone that you used to care for. Where are you? In a dreamworld. It shall show you what you need and what you have. How? Well me. I am quite harmless. Unless you are my enemy. Which you are not." When I didn't reply he continued, "Thalia. As long as I'm in your mind then you shall not have nightmares. My time with you right now is limited. The Fates made sure of that. Thalia I need your help. I cannot say what it is though. I shall give you a hint, AC GU and ND." He started to shimmer. "WHAT THE HECK!!! THAT IS SO USELESS!!! THAT IS THE MOST USELESS THING ANYONE HAS EVER TOLD ME!!!" The boy started to disappear. "I'm sorry I couldn't help more." With that the boy disappeared and I woke up in the Artemis cabin sweating and shaking. What had it all meant? Was the boy important?

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