(22) Broken Angel

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Ryan pulled a face but chuckled lightly and then he turned to me.

"So how are your sisters doing at uni? How's Alice?" He added in quickly.

Me and Angelo exchanged glances and then I nodded. "They are both doing well. Think work is stressing them out." I smiled, knowing he wanted to find out about Alice.

"Good. And... Alice?" He smiled sheepishly.

"Oh yeah, she's fine. She was talking about you actually."

Ryan's eyes visibly widened and both Angelo and I had to try and hold in laughs. "She did?" He asked, looking at me intently.

"Yes, she said you were very kind and attentive." I grinned.

Ryan grinned in response then leant back on his chair as if he was relieved about something. I didn't want to probe him though. I knew they were shy about liking each other.

After a couple of hours, Ryan needed to leave so Angelo and I got ready for bed. When we got into bed, we started chatting about different things, the future mainly until I started to feel a bit sick. I rushed out of the room and to the bathroom with Angelo running in right after me. Before he could speak, I was throwing up into the toilet. Angelo pulled my hair back and then rubbed my back to soothe me. Once I had finished, I turned to him and I didn't know what to say.

"I think it was something I ate." I said, mainly to comfort my own worries.

Angelo nodded but he looked sceptical. "Maybe we should take you to the doctors tomorrow." He said before helping me back to the bed and getting me a hot water bottle and a glass of water.


The next morning, I wanted to forget what had happened but apparently Angelo had the opposite idea.

"Grace, we are going to see the doctor." He told me, simply just picking me up from the bed. I tried to struggle but he wouldn't let me.

"Right, well I didn't think this far ahead." He said wincing. "I forgot I can't fly anymore." I started laughing but abruptly stopped when he looked at me seriously.

"Grace, I love you and we need to find out whether this is something...serious."

I nodded. "Fine ok I'll drive."

A smile immediately appeared on Angelo's face and he gave me a heart-melting kiss.

When we arrived at the doctors, we had to wait for an hour to be seen and Angelo and I fell asleep on each other. Finally, a doctor came to see us. We explained the symptoms and he ran a few scans and sure enough, I was pregnant.

The rest of the day, I spent sitting quietly alone in my room. Angelo tried talking to me and tried coming in but I just wanted to be alone and I think he understood. When it got to dinner time though, he came and spoke to me properly.

"Grace, you know I love you and I want you to be happy but I think to have a child would make us both even more happy."

I opened the door and saw relief wash over his features. "I'm sorry." I said, pulling him into a hug which was immediately returned.

"What's this?" He asked curiously, making his way to the bed.

Spread all over it were photos and little bits from my childhood. There were a couple of teddy-bears, a little broken toy train and a few small polaroids of me and my sisters.

"I didn't know you had all this from your childhood." Angelo said softly, sitting down on the bed with me sitting beside him. He brought me to him and I settled my head down on his lap, not speaking.

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