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(22) Broken Angel

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In the morning, I woke up to the most perfect human in the world. He was propped up on his elbow, his fingers twisting strands of my hair gently.

"Hey gorgeous." He smiled and yawned, stretching his arms above his head.

"Hey." I smiled back, leaning up and giving him a peck on the lips. "Did you sleep ok last night?"

He nodded. "I slept like a log. Normally as an angel, you don't really have to sleep so you're never tired. Now I understand the feeling of being tired."

I chuckled and gave him another kiss which he returned and he held me in his arms, rocking me lightly against his body whilst stroking my hair.

"Come on, we need to get up." He said, playfully patting my bum.

I got up and chucked a pillow in his face which hit him right between the eyes. He stared at me with a playful scowl and then ran towards me and swept me up into his arms and tickled me until I was crying with laughter and begging him to stop. But of course, he pinned me to the bed and tickled me even more, until I went red in the face.

"Watch it." He warned as he jokingly narrowed his eyes. I laughed and got up and ruffled his hair.

"Angelo, what exactly are we meant to change into?" I asked, holding up our soaking wet clothes.

Angelo sighed and shook his head. "Totally forgot." He chuckled. "Guess we will have to walk around in these rather fetching, ill-fitting nightclothes.

I looked down at his trousers and couldn't hold in my laugh. The bottoms were swinging just above his ankles and the shirt that came with it (which he wasn't wearing) was visibly way too small.

"You can't talk." He raised an eyebrow, pointing to my dress. I looked down and saw that it was swamping me a bit. At least it was better than looking like I'd worn kids pyjamas though.

Angelo made some phone calls in the end and managed to get some clothes delivered to our hotel room. Beautiful and expensive as always. I had once thought of Henry when I wore these luxurious dresses but the clothes weren't tainted with a painful memory anymore, Angelo had replaced that with all the amazing things he had done for me.

We got changed in silence and I gazed at the new man in front of me. His back was muscular and lean, his shoulders wide, his arms huge and strong. He was beautifully tanned and his dark hair had grown a little, settling just above his shoulders in an unruly way. He was different in a way but he'd always be an angel to me.

We took a stroll down the bank, commenting on the beautiful architecture around us then we ate in a cafe and went to the louvre. It was a well earned break and we both felt relaxed and happy as we got on the eurostar back to London.

The train journey was quite short and soon we were back home and I called Ryan and invited him over.

Ryan arrived at our house around an hour later and he instantly noticed a change in Angelo.

"You look weird." He told him once we were sat down with a cup of coffee each.

"Cheers little brother." Angelo said sarcastically, punching him in the arm playfully.

"He has changed though." I told Ryan, urging Angelo to explain what had happened.

When he had finished, Ryan looked between us with surprise written on his face. "Does that mean if I punch you, it will hurt now?"

Angelo and I laughed and he nodded. "I guess a bit more but I'm still slightly immune to pain. All my powers have gone but there are still traces of them.

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