Take Me Alpha

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Leoni's POV
I must've drifted off briefly after the trauma of the heartbreaking memories returning.  When I opened my eyes Logan was lying on the bed beside me, staring at my face with a soft smile dancing on his enticing lips. Thoughts of the kiss earlier rushed unbidden into my mind and I felt my cheeks reddening. His scent was everywhere and was beyond delicious. It served to distract me temporarily from the awful flashback, from my poor parents.

I glanced down to see that his muscular torso was bare and I felt the familiar warmth that I was coming to associate with Logan building in my lower stomach. I reached out and touched his bare shoulder and felt a pool of moisture gathering between my legs - this was a new sensation certainly but a very pleasant one.

Logan suddenly stiffened slightly and sniffed the air. Goddess! Could he smell the pooling in my panties? What did it mean? His eyes flickered to black then back to bronze as he gazed at me. He had a hunger in his expression and I felt in that moment that I was experiencing a hunger for him also. I knew not what I wanted to do or have him do but I ached to touch him more. I felt another little gush of the same wetness in my panties and as I did Logan groaned beside me.

"Sweetheart, I can smell your arousal and it's making it very difficult for me to resist pinning you to this bed..." he muttered into my hair.

I blushed again. "What, what is my... arousal? Logan?" I looked into his golden eyes searching for answers. I moved closer to him and felt something hard pushing against my upper thigh... Logan must have brought the TV remote or a bottle of soda into the bed? I glanced down but saw nothing with the bedsheets over us... "Logan? What is that hardness pushing into my...um... thigh?"

"Goddess..." Logan groaned again into my hair inhaling my scent, "you are so perfect, so pure. How can you be so untarnished? Not taking you right now in this bed is killing me... Leoni, you don't know?"

I looked up into his golden eyes and shook my head hesitantly while biting my lower lip nervously. I was conscious that my panties were now very wet... and I had an ache growing between my legs that I hadn't felt before. Logan sniffed the air again and held his breath like he was holding the scent inside him as long as he could. His gorgeous scent was playing with my senses, drawing me closer still to him as we lay together in his bed. Like a moth to the flame.

"Leoni, my little love, I don't know what your pack was like and why no one explained mating to you... why your parents kept you so innocent to these things... but..." Logan shifted against me and let out a low moan... he seemed to be really struggling with something... "I can smell your arousal sweetheart, the wetness of your little pussy, that secret place between your beautiful thighs, it leaks when you are attracted to a male to make itself ready to take his manhood inside you... do you know what I mean by that my little mate?"

The ache between my legs was becoming so intense now I found myself gently grinding into Logan seeking some kind of release. I stopped when I realised and shook my head in answer to his question. I gasped when he immediately took my hand and placed it on the hardness I had felt between us. To my shock the hardness was Him, I could feel this hardness, hot and huge through his boxers... throbbing... I gently ran my hand up and down it which elicited another low groan from Logan so I paused but kept my hand on him. It somehow felt right.

"That. That is my "manhood" or my "cock" sweetheart. That is what I long to slide inside your pussy as we mate. That is the mating act and when we most likely will also mark each other. Though we can do that at any time now that we have found each other." He paused before looking me straight in the eye and continuing "But I know you aren't ready little mate and I know we need to take things slowly. I promise I will only only slide my manhood into you when you beg me to."

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