Finding Home

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Logan's POV
As Leoni and I stepped out of my bedroom hand in hand I mindlinked my Beta Austin to let him know to prepare for our arrival. He had seen glimpses of Leoni whilst she was unconscious as I brought her into my Alpha cabin and again when he visited briefly to convey a report on a border patrol. He was, however, keen to meet his future Luna properly- her arrival was an exciting and much longed for development for the pack. I knew that he hoped having a mate might soften my cold exterior but he was one of the few wolves who really knew me and with whom I dropped my austere Alpha mannerisms allowing myself to completely relax. We had grown up together and had a strong Alpha/Beta bond. Austin had found his mate Adele soon after we came of age at 18 and they had three pups now Arno (10y), Anya (7y) and their youngest little Atticus (2y).

I also mindlinked my Gamma Edward to keep him in the loop. He was a reliable third in command but hard to read at times. He had become Gamma as his father had been Gamma to my father and he seemed well suited to the role. He was a little younger than Austin and I - we were both 30 whilst Edward was 26 and had come to the role a few years after I ascended to the Alpha position within our pack. He was as of yet unmated. He replied over the mindlink that everyone was assembled outside the pack house to greet us and my parents and sister were waiting outside the Alpha cabin to meet us beforehand.

"Are you ready for me to take you to meet your new pack, little flower?" I asked my gorgeous mate. I wouldn't blame her if she was nervous - meeting so many wolves in one evening was a daunting prospect - especially as she was so young and had already been through so much. I looked over to her as she replied-

"I am ready for you to take me anywhere Alpha."

That comment had me stopping in my tracks for sure. I found my wolf surfacing as I pulled her close and growled possessively into her long blonde hair... she was ready for me to Take her anywhere... my bulge grew at her words... and her calling me "Alpha"... something about that brought on a strong desire in me to move things back to the bedroom...

"It's a good thing I made you that promise Leoni as otherwise That kind of invitation could get a little mate into a lot of Trouble..."

I smiled at the blush that crept onto her cheeks. I knew I would keep my promise but I sincerely hoped my little virgin mate would be begging me to fill her very soon. Adult wolves were very physical creatures and Alphas in particular were known for having strong dominant sexual urges. I was no different.

Now that Leoni was here I was regretful of the many sexual encounters I had sought out over the years but for 12 years I had searched for her and without seeking release in the arms of other wolves my Alpha tendencies could have turned me into a raging beast. I knew I had to keep myself in check and I knew that having sex with she-wolves from outside of the pack and the occasional human woman would allow me to discharge that energy and focus on being a strong Alpha.

There was, however, one regrettable affair with a she-wolf within my own Midnight Moon pack. In weaker moments of lust and despair at thoughts of never finding my mate, I had enjoyed several nights of rough sex with this she-wolf. In my defence she had come on very strong- she had made it a difficult offer to refuse. And when she first found me she happened upon me when I was angry and frustrated at lack of progress on a project for the Council. She had sauntered into my Office in only a bra and suspenders set before wrapping her long lithe legs around my waist as I sat in my chair and instructing me to fuck her. I hadn't had sex for many months and my carnal wolf urges took over. I had bent her over the desk and fucked her hard from behind before telling her to get out... I had been disgusted with myself for crossing that line with a pack member. Shamefully, it had happened similarly on three other occasions over the last number of months.

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