Flashbacks And Firsts

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Logan's POV

Here she was. I just stared at her and her intense beauty. The bright British Columbia afternoon sun was shining through the window beside the bed and making her ash blonde hair glow and sparkle. I obviously made a good decision in getting the big plate of pastries from the pack kitchens as my little mate was now sitting cross legged at the head of my bed enthusiastically placing large pieces of pain au chocolat into her mouth.

Yes! My mate was finally in my Bed! Although she wasn't quite in the position I ached to have her in as I thrust into her... my cock started to harden at the thought of this beauty beneath me. Mel had taken me aside to urge me to take things Slowly with Leoni. Her intuition as a wolf healer was that my little mate needed time to learn to trust and build our bond before completing the mating process. Mel also couldn't be sure if Leoni was of age. I longed to mate and mark her, though I would wait for her, of course I would. I had already waited 12 years.

She was sitting wearing only the panties she had had on when I found her and a large black tshirt of mine covering her gorgeous curves. I had asked Melanie to change her out of that horrendous outfit from the auction as it only served to remind me of that crowd of lusting beasts. I had suspected my little mate would prefer to be in my shirt with my scent rather than that scant outfit. I think I was right as she had glanced at it and given me a bright smile as she sat herself up on my pillows. I could just make out the curve of her breasts and the sweet pert peaks of her nipples through the loose cotton material of the Tshirt.

I could so easily reach over, knock the plate of pastries out of her hands and pin her to the bed... how amazing those mating sparks would feel if I was pressed up against her gorgeous body. I would lick her marking spot and feel her writhe helpless beneath me, overcome with pleasure. Agh... my member was swelling thinking of the things I wanted to do with her. I quickly pushed the thoughts out of my mind and focussed on pouring her a mug of fresh tea.

Taking the tea from me, Leoni smiled again but faltered. "What did the Doctor, Melanie, want to say to you? Was it about me?"

I paused. Speaking the truth was important between mates, and I swore to myself that tough as I was as an Alpha I would always be honest with my mate. "Yes little love. Tell me, Leoni... can you feel the mate bond, the sparks, the warmth... the intense attraction?"

"Y-yes... I feel... a-all those things Logan. It makes me feel like I want to be closer to you... like..." she paused and her beautiful cheeks reddened making me take a swift breath in. She was stunning, surely a complete innocent from that intense blush...

"Like what sweetheart?" I urged her to finish.

"Like... I can't explain it Logan, like my body wants to be close to yours, like we are m-magnets. Like I have this incredible urge right now to run my hand down your muscular chest and... and..." she went to turn away from me as she blushed again but I lifted the plate and mug in an instant and pulled her to me so she was sitting on my lap straddling me. My cock twitched again in my boxers but I did my best to ignore it.

"Melanie wanted me to ask you if you felt the bond as you look so young my love... she wanted to make sure you are... of age... to mate. If you weren't then I would wait for you, however long it would take. But you feel these things, you feel the bond my love... so you are of age..." I whispered into her neck and delivered a gentle kiss to her marking spot- I felt an intense shudder of pleasure from Leoni. She lowered her head and inhaled my scent with a small gasp.

"I do feel the bond Logan. You're mine." She stated simply. It was too much for me. I pulled her into a kiss, starting gently touching my lips to her full pout and as she responded to me I moved more. The sparks on my lips made them tingle in a way I'd never felt before kissing other she-wolves. This was in an entire other league of pleasure.  I delicately moved my lips against hers and she reciprocated. I licked her upper lip asking for her permission to deepen the kiss... the tingles were like pleasurable electricity shooting down my body now. She seemed to instinctively know what I was asking as she gave a tiny moan and opened her lips to me. The kiss became more intense with the explosive mating sparks fuelling it on and on. I pulled my arms around her tightly knowing I would fight to the death to protect this wonderful girl now that I had found her. She kissed me back and we were both lost in the most amazing first kiss.

After a few minutes of bliss, and it nearly killed me to do it, I pulled away gently smiling down at her. Goddess, she was the most perfect she-wolf in the universe. She smiled shyly up at me before extending her dainty fingers to firstly touch her pink lips as if in disbelief and then my stubbly unshaven cheek. She stroked it whilst staring into my eyes. The sparks Exploded as she touched me.

"Oh Leoni. I can never let you go now that I've found you. You are Mine little love..." I sighed. She nodded at me, still straddling me and everything felt right in the world for the first time in my life.

All of a sudden Leoni's eyes glazed over and she started to shake violently... Otis was reaching out to Storm but couldn't get a reply from her... it was like she was having a fit of some kind... she jerked and would've fallen to the floor had I not used my Alpha reflexes and caught her in my arms.

"LEONI!" I shouted as I mindlinked Melanie to come at once. Seconds later Melanie came bursting through the bedroom doors and instructed me to get Leoni onto the floor and hold her down until the shaking had passed. I managed to get her onto the rug beside the bed and held her tightly whilst praying to the Goddess to bring her back safely...

"What's happening to her Mel??" I asked frantically but she shook her head...

"Wolves don't normally have fits Alpha. All I can think is that some trauma in her past is surfacing causing her wolf to have to fight to bring her back to us. Look it's easing now." Melanie said grabbing Leoni's wrist and feeling for her pulse, "She is stable Alpha. Remember what I said earlier - you need to take things very slowly with her which I know will be difficult for you Both with the mate bond. Especially with you being an Alpha and having such an intense need to complete the mating process on finding your mate... but you must take things slowly with her. Just please don't go jumping straight into sleeping with her the first night she is here. I sense great power in her but she needs a little time."

"Are you sure she hasn't been... raped, Mel?" I muttered, "Something terrible has happened to her to leave her with these repressed memories..."

"You can smell her scent Alpha, you especially can smell it I expect. She is a virgin. I examined her for injuries as you asked and I noted no blood around her vagina. She has been handcuffed judging by the healing abrasions and she has marks consistent with being held down by a large wolf. I didn't say before but you will no doubt discover... she has been shaved, down there...and I doubt it was done with her consent given where you found her," Mel said softly.

A huge growl rose from my chest. Otis was out for blood - who dared to handcuff our mate, force her to the ground and shave her. Our beautiful girl would be nothing but treasured from now on, that was certain. Valerie and her stooges had better watch their backs as witch hybrid or not I was coming for them. My blood was boiling.

But then, Leoni stirred in my grasp and opened her big blue eyes. They were filled with a haunted look of pain and loss. I loosened my hold on her and crouched beside her on the bedroom floor. I ran my forefinger up and down her arm closest to me noting the flow of sparks that followed the motion. I hoped it soothed her, even a little.

"Logan... my... parents... I remember... they were killed... murdered..." Leoni whispered with heartbreak in her eyes "He, wanted me to mate with him to strengthen his claim. I...refused and I fought him and he... he beat me. He... whipped me and forced me to drink poison to try to bend my will... Storm and I fought and fought...The last thing I remember from my pack is him forcing something sharp into my neck... then I woke up in the... the truck..." With that she broke down into floods of tears.

I pulled her swiftly into my chest and held her there as she cried. I stroked her back. I was stunned at what I had heard. It was against werewolf law to force a she-wolf to mate and mark. Or to beat a she-wolf in an attempt to force her to mate. It was one of the worst crimes. As for murdering her parents... Otis growled with anger and my jaw tightened.

"Who is this man Leoni? Who did these terrible things?" I asked her as softly as I could manage, trying to disguise the rage I was feeling. The last thing I wanted to do was scare her.

"He is my Uncle... Fabian North. My father was... was Alpha Darwin North... his own brother..." she broke down again and I held her close. I rubbed her back and ran my fingers through her waist length hair desperate to comfort my broken mate.

Fabian North was now also on my list, he would be reported to the Council and his days were numbered.

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