Disenchanted Discord-Ch.1{A Storytellers Tale}

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Title: Disenchanted Discord 

Inspirations: Movies/Fairytales and Grimm Tales/Books/life itself

Pictures/Music: Are your welcome into this.. Pretend. 

Comments: Are of dire consequence to the actions you withhold. 

Once upon a time.. Something strange.. Happened.. 

P.O.V. entitled “Love is a fairytale.” 

There I was wandering aimlessly looking for something along the path. I didn’t know why or where I was headed but I knew I was going to get there.. Where ever there was for me. I held onto the fairytales book. Looking through the double ringed moon and starring ahead blankly into the tree trove path The branch‘s and roots were like spider webs dangling and trying to cover  and crawl on every space available. The road like many had steps from millions of years ago.. Imprinting them here to last forever. The moons luminous light guided me thought as I embarked fearlessly. 

Something ominous was about to raise. As I stepped forward closer to the deserted area the steps along the path glowed instantly arraying from the colors of the rainbow. It was a wonderful and intriguing sight to behold. But she spoke first singsong and somber.. Making me lose the trance I was in. As I listened to her intently.. 

"We mustn’t go there.. Your lost you, need to go find home and soon for the dawn of ghost lurks within this forest.. that lays ahead.. Your are naïve and confused.. Dearest and you need the stories to recapture what you’ve forgotten.” She’s speaks like air breathlessly and confident. I hate it her voice consumes my every thoughts and doubts. 

I puffed up my chest and chose  to ignore her.. But soon I would learn to regret it. As I crossed into the labyrinth  going into the murky forest the greenly was blinding to someone like I, who rarely bother’s to step outside to water the plants. She giggles softly at me laughing merrily.. Like she saw something I didn’t.. or couldn’t. 

“If you go any farther, you won’t remember anything that happened earlier or before this.” Her voice was like rain. 

“I don’t care!” I protested when in actuality I did indeed care for I couldn’t even recall how I ever had gotten here in the first place or sadly enough my own name. Which was a tragedy in and of itself given that birth names are a right bestowed. 

“You are truly a stubborn soul to deal with.. A fool is pray to the wickedness but a clever trickster is cunning enough to know its being fooled.” She judged my actions every step of the way. 

“Aren’t we all..? I am tired of your riddles go away and maybe I will find home..” I persisted summing up the courage to converse with the disembodied voice that lingered in the wind.. Coldly.

“You, you cannot, only with me shall you find your.. Livelihood. You are going against the order and thus shall be punished.. Lost  is deadly.. To those who don’t hold the bravery of, “ 

“Enough! I am done with you!  Parish whatever you even are,” I angrily replied. 

“You’d Like an introduction..?” She knowingly says.  

She jokes coyly with me daring even.. If I could see her face I know a smile would be perched on her lovely little lips.. 

“Of course it is not polite to talk to strangers such as I am with you..” 

She lullaby’s then finally and quietly speaks in refuge to me.. As the wind bellows and becomes harsher.. I see my breathe before me.. As I exhale.. Wandering further into the unknown dangers of this place. 

“I am nothing less then your shadow, and merely more than your life..” 

“Another riddle!? “ I exclaim annoyingly.  I think but cannot come up with.. What she is.. Exactly. 

“You’re a spirit and a ghost haunting me like a shadow and more than my life in this form.. You are what hides beyond this world then.. “ 

I am reclusive to talk with her. She seems devious and otherworldly eerie. 

“Your incorrect.. But I’d like to follow you.. Watch and observe for you’ll need me when the time comes.” She soothingly hum’s. 

“Well I certainly do not need you now.” 

“If its what you wish then its granted.. I will endearingly censor myself.. Goodbye for now.” She whispers soothingly echoing in my thoughts. 

I wait and hear nothing smiling victorious. I trotted through the forest happily. I watch the light fade into a darkness oblivion. The world I knew turned  and twisted to earth and wood, leafs, and bushes. The wild becomes alive with their own calls and echo’s vibrating against the tree trucks. Eyes glowing and contrasting within this place. I knew not of where my destination was but it was an adventure of sorts to drift out of my world and into another.. Altogether. 

Author’s Exit and Readers Entrance: Well hello this is the third story I spoke of. Please tell me your thoughts and feeling along wit answering the questions.. Here we go.. 1. What did you think of the story, main characters, and etc..? 2. What did you think of the picture, and music..? Entitlement, and title..3. Finally what did you think will be derailed in the next chapter..? Once again thank you for reading. Goodbye for now dearest readers! 

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