Coming Round

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Leoni's POV
I was in the darkness but I could feel Storm with me. I also felt a reassuring warmth that was new to me but filled me with a sense of calm and peace.

"Where are we Storm?" I reached out to her in the black.
"We are with our Mate. We are safe." She replied simply.

I let my mind reach out further and I could hear a beeping... beep, beep, beep... it was actually pretty annoying. I wished I could make it stop.

Wondering if I could find the way to the light in the deep blackness I became aware of voices in the distance. I strained my wolf hearing to listen but for some reason my hearing wasn't as sharp as it usually was. I tried moving closer but strangely found that I couldn't. I became still and tried my best to hear the words being spoken...

"Yes, she has basically been poisoned but her blood work looks encouraging. She has clearly been through a lot... I'm frankly impressed that has survived the combinations of magic and medications that have been put into her system over the last few days... she must have a very powerful wolf to communicate with Otis like you say and to have even a brief moment of lucidity on the plane Alpha..." it was a light melodic female voice that was speaking, I felt like I liked her.

"Melanie, tell me straight, is she going to be okay? What can I do??" this time it was a gorgeous warm man's voice... strangely familiar... a voice that sounded like Home.

"The mate bond will help bring her around Alpha... though she may not be of age Alpha... she looks very young... keep near to her... avoid other men touching her while she is unconscious..."

A powerful growl broke across her words at this point but the melodic voice continued...

"Ah yes, I was of course forgetting how Alphas are with their destined mates... just touch her, talk to her...ask your wolf to reach out to hers..."

I felt the voices drifting away from me and the sound of the beeping became faint. I internally sighed and let myself fall into a peaceful slumber in the darkness.

After what felt like an eternity of black I could hear the warm gorgeous voice again in the distance. I moved towards it once more as I became eager to hear more. As I did so I felt warm waves of sparks rush over my body.

"Oh Leoni, we have only found each other but I need you here. Try to come back to me sweetheart... there is so much I want to show you and tell you... You're away from that horrendous place now and all those hungry wolves baying to ruin you... oh my little love... There is just one big hungry wolf here now..." this last comment was followed by a light chuckle and tingles across my forehead, "you are perfect..."

Bright white light flooded my head as I opened my eyes fighting to see the owner of the voice. My eyes were drawn immediately to the incredibly handsome male wolf with the powerful aura.

"Mate..." I found myself whispering as he caressed my face in his huge hands and peppering spark laden kisses across my forehead.

"Leoni... my little mate... I am here... you are safe now." He spoke gently in my ear and I felt a new heat build in my stomach as his warm breath fanned my ear.

"Logan..." I whispered somehow remembering his name from earlier like it had been emblazoned on my soul, "you found me..."

"I did, I had been searching for you for so long my little mate..." he reached up above my head as if to adjust something, I opened my eyes wide in renewed fear... no more drugs, no more being handcuffed and made to dance...

"No, no, no!" I shook out. Logan's eyes widened in surprise and fear, "please don't hurt me or force me to p-please you..."

"Oh my little flower, no, no, shush, I would Never force you... to please me... to do anything... having you here and awake makes me the happiest man in the world," he rushed out.

"But, you, You... you were one of those men. You, you Bought me... you bought me to... to... make me your toy..." I pulled away from him and looked up to see a flash of what looked like pain cross his face.

Logan looked me in the eye and got down on his knees beside the bed I was in, as I gathered my senses and looked around me I realised that I was in a very large bed in a very plushly decorated large room. It had the woodsy feel of a log cabin but with much bigger dimensions - there was a massive television on the wall facing the bed and my eyes were drawn to a large brown settee in the corner with large plum cushions on it. There was some kind of medical monitor beside the bed - presumably the source of that infernal beeping. Logan sighed beside me and I snapped my eyes back to him kneeling beside me.

"Leoni... that place disgusted every fibre in my body. It was an insult to the Goddess. To take girls and do that to them..." he looked up at me with pleading eyes, "I had to be there. I am Alpha of the Midnight Moon Pack and I am trying to find a way to Stop Valerie... I have allies... and we are working to stop her. Then I saw you. I knew immediately that you were my mate and I couldn't bear those wolves leering at you. You wearing barely any clothes, pushed about by those men, clearly drugged and being sold as a sex slave... I was horrified. My wolf Otis was going crazy in my head... we had to get you out of there and buying you was the quickest and safest way. I'm so so sorry. You are not and never will be my prisoner... Leoni, you are my mate and if you'll let me I swear I will worship you until the day I die..."

I watched him as he spoke and by the end his powerful features were twisted in agony and his beautiful golden eyes were filled with tears. I knew he spoke the truth, I could feel it in his aura and through the growing mate bond. I couldn't bear to see him suffer. I held out my arms to him and he moved to me in a heartbeat, engulfing my small frame in his for a huge, tight hug.

A small cough from the door pulled us unwillingly apart. A tall, slender she-wolf with short curly black hair stood in the doorway. She wore a white coat with a stethoscope around her neck. She looked like she was in her mid thirties. She walked over calmly and turned off the machine beside me- it finally stopped its incessant beeping. She glanced at the read out sheet from it and smiled.

"Good afternoon Luna, it's been quite a day but I'm so happy to see you recovering and awake. My name is Dr Fairburn but please call me Melanie or Mel. I am the pack Doctor. How are you feeling?"

I hesitated for a moment noting how she had addressed me...

"Umm I feel okay. I feel drained but my wolf is using her energy to help me. I... I am having trouble remembering much before the..." the words caught in my throat as I remembered Alec touching me.

"You told Alpha Logan here, when you were on the plane, that your wolf seemed to think your memories were all there and would come back to you?" She asked gently.

"P-p-plane?" I stuttered to which Melanie nodded, "umm okay. I don't think I've been on a plane before, I'm kinda sad I missed it..."

I gave them a small smile which was met with shocked expressions- obviously air travel was a more normal thing for them. I definitely had a sense that I hadn't been on a plane before.

"My wolf Storm is telling me that I will soon remember more. I think she is trying to protect me..." I said quietly.

Logan reached over once again and pulled me into his warm embrace, it was wonderful. His amazing scent of chocolate and warm baking bread combined with his touch on my skin had that warm feeling building again in my lower stomach. I pulled him closer and felt him breathing in my scent too. I had forgotten that Melanie was there until she gave another small cough.

"Alpha, can I have a word with you outside for a moment? Then I'll leave you to take care of the Luna." She turned and left. Her reference to me as "Luna" drifted again into my consciousness, I didn't know quite how I felt about that.

Logan raised himself from our embrace, delicately kissed my knuckles before whispering "I'll be back in a moment my little mate," and stalking out of the bedroom.

I closed my eyes again and drifted off into a comfortable nap. Soon I was woken by Logan returning and this time he had with him a huge tray of food. My nose twitched as I pushed myself awkwardly into a sitting position and a smile crept across my face - this wolf was a keeper, he brought me pain au chocolat!

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