16. Plan

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Unknown pov:

I woke up this morning and did my morning routine, i then went downstairs to be greeted with some men, we exchanged good morning, and i sat down and made breakfast.
We all ate and joked around.

"Boss, i think we should install camera's into Allina's room,
for safety reasons"
One of my men said.

I nodded

"Yeah, we will do that later today, first we shall get her up, also we will pick an outfit together today, for her to wear at the ball"
I said

They nodded and we continued our talking.

"Alright Lets go get the little one ey"
I said.

"Want me to make a bottle boss?"
One of them asked.

"Nah, she can wait a bit"
I answered

He nodded, and with that we went down to the basement, i got goosebumps due to the cold...damn

We opened the door and walked over to the crib that was now silent....No whines...or muffled cries....just silent...

I walked over to it and looked at the lifeless little body laying there....

She is alive dont worry...but her breathing is shallow....and she is shivering really bad.....

"Boss, i dont mean to order you around....but her fever is severe....and babies could die bc of it...and since she is already a preemie....she needs special care sir....."
One of my men said.

I looked at the little girl closely.....
Maybe she really is that sick.....
She looks like a ghost, pale....
Her breathing is shallow...
And she is shivering uncontrollably....

"Alright....Vladimir go make her bottle and put some vitamines in it....we dont have medicine....so just use vitamines"
I said.

Vladimir nodded and went out to make her bottle.

I put my hands under her head,and her bum and picked her up, at this she opened her eyes a little, and the waterfall of tears began again....

She didn't move though...she was just silently crying....like she lost hope...

Well Then....if we break her now it will be easier later on, so that doens't matter.

I placed her on my arm, and we made our way to the living room.

Vladimir walked in and was about to hand me the bottle, but i waved him off, he put it down on the table and sat down next to me.

"Vladimir, you will feed the Little one this time, that way we can discuss the outfits i found"
I said

He nodded and held his arms out to the baby, i placed her in his arms, and handed him the bottle, he craddled the tiny body in his arm, and removed the strap, i expected her to throw a tantrum....but she remained lifeless....
Well thats better anyway.

He put the tip of the bottle at her lips, and she parted them, and slowly started sucking the bottle, she didn't have any energy today i guess.

I got the laptop on my lap, and connected it to the tv infront of us so everyone could see.

I opened the site where i found some stuff and clicked on the first one.

"Alright we have this one, but i dont really like it"-- 
i said, and the men nodded in agreement--
"okay then we have this one, but i dont know"--
i said, and they shook their heads in agreement--
"alright, i like this one"--
I said, and they all smirked at it-- "Okay i take that as a yes, then the next one, i think it's cute"--
I said, and they again nodded--
"Alright i hate this"--
I said and they all made a face of disgust.
"And this one....I like it"--
I said, and they all smirked again.

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