Going West

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Logan's POV
My heart had truly not stopped racing until I got my little unconscious mate to total safety aboard my jet. It had been a worrying car journey from the auction venue in Boston to Hanscom Field ten miles northwest of the city. I had laid my mate down gently on the backseat of the car with her head in my lap and I had gently stroked her cheek in hopes that she might regain consciousness. Goddess knows how she will react however, when she does. Will she accept me as her mate even though I am technically her "Buyer" or will she outright reject me for being a man who attends such awful places to bid on innocent girls. My blood chilled at the thought of her not giving me the chance to explain. She Had to know I am not like those other men, I want nothing more than to worship the ground she walks on and I've only had her in my arms for a short time.

Once aboard my jet I laid her down on a long cream leather couch in the main cabin, kissed her beautiful forehead gently and left to make some urgent calls to my pack in British Columbia. My pack mindlink didn't stretch quite as far as the opposite coast of North America unfortunately.

By the time we were in the air heading there I had my Pack Doctor Melanie and my Beta fully informed of the situation and ready to make their way to the airport in Vancouver to meet us and examine my mate. I was consumed with worry for her wellbeing as she had been drugged with Goddess knows what, undoubtedly subjected to abuse of various kinds and although I could not see any bruises on her small frame I was certain she needed some medical attention. Wolves heal very quickly and it was a huge worry to me that she was still unconscious several hours after collapsing at the Auction.

After making my calls I sent my Father a quick text message:
Father, I had to abort the mission in Boston. V not suspicious. Found my Mate. She is beautiful. She needs medical attention urgently so I am flying back to BC. We can meet when I am back. L

As I finished the text I sat down carefully on the sofa at the bare feet of my mate. Goddess she is stunning - a true vision and exactly like my dreams of her. I had no idea how that could possibly be. Her long waist length ash blonde hair, her azure blue eyes, her small frame with full breasts and her pouty pink lips... the only thing different was the heavy make up she was wearing and the cheap white costume that Valerie had put on her. Thinking I need to cover her I took my blazer off and placed it over her body, it covered most of her. Goddess, she must only be around 5 foot tall and she looks so young... I hoped the fact that I felt sparks when I touched her and could sense the bond so strongly meant that she is of age. In werewolf culture we become "of age" at 18 years old and become aware of our mates. If she isn't yet of age I would wait for her, though it would be torture to have found her after all this time and not be able to hold her, kiss her, cherish her... make love to her... I glanced again at her heavenly face and golden hair as my manhood twitched. Just Thinking about being able to touch all of her precious places and fuck her sweet little pussy had me growing hard. Goddess, what was she doing to me?! I normally had exceptional self control. I am the cold Midnight Moon Alpha... but for her...

I gently rubbed her small lightly tanned feet in my much bigger hands, willing her to wake up and to be okay. The sparks from the mate bond erupted at my finger tips when I touched her skin - it was the most amazing feeling in the world for a wolf. I smiled at her unconscious form.

"Mate is okay" said Otis in my mind happily, "I can communicate with her wolf Storm."

"What?? How come you can communicate with her wolf when she is asleep?" I asked my wolf in a panic.

"Her wolf is very strong and our mate isn't merely asleep, she has been drugged with magic and chemicals by Valerie. Her wolf cannot be so easily contained but her human body is weakened and needs time to properly heal. She will wake soon." Otis informed me. I was stunned- our mate was obviously not a normal wolf but something very special to have a wolf strong enough to withstand Valerie's magic.

"Storm is afraid that we will scare Mate when she wakes, she hasn't seen much in this world and we must go slowly introducing ourselves to her," Otis continued.

"Yes, we will be gentle with her and go as slowly as she needs us to," I agreed in my mind with my wolf.

Just then my mate moved slightly on the couch beside me. I continued to gently stroke her feet as they lay in my lap but watched her face carefully for any signs of discomfort. Slowly and groggily she opened her beautiful blue eyes- even with the distraction of the heavy eye make up that she was wearing her natural beauty shone through. When she looked at me for the first time I swear my heart skipped a beat.

"Wh-where am I?" my darling mate whispered cautiously as she looked up at me.

"You are safe sweetheart. You are away from that horrid place. I will keep you safe." I replied.

She nodded slowly and her gaze fell to my hands on her feet. I hoped she could feel the sparks as I caressed her smooth little feet, just as I could. They were exploding and filling me with a warm comfort and joy. I knew that if I were to move my hand a little higher to her leg or thigh that those same sparks would ignite a fire of love and lust in me that would be hard to put out. Even the thought of touching this perfect girl in those types of places had my member growing in my trousers. I adjusted myself slightly and kept my attention on her.

"You are my mate," she said simply, "... and you bought me from that woman... your aura is..."

A tear ran down her cheek as her words trailed off and she looked away from me. I so wanted to comfort her but I couldn't risk scaring her.

"I am your mate. You are right. My name is Logan. I did buy you but you are not an object to be owned, yes you are Mine but that is only because it is how the Goddess deemed things to be. I was made by her for you and I have been waiting for you, my beautiful mate, for the longest of times."

I reached out my hand and tilted her chin back towards me gently, bringing her tear filled and scared eyes back to mine.

"What is your name my little mate and where are you from?" I asked her quietly.

"Leoni..." She whispered imperceptibly, if I had not my Alpha hearing I may not have heard her. "I d-don't remember anything from before I arrived in the truck at the auction... my wolf seems to know more but she just says I need to wait as my memories will come back... You are my mate, and you have a very powerful aura..."

With that she left me bewildered as she closed her eyes again. She seemed to be utterly exhausted. I imagined that her body was working incredibly hard to flush to poison and magic from her system. I was left puzzled, however, what did she mean by my "aura"...?

For the remaining hours of the flight home I ran my fingers through her hair and gently kissed her forehead once more... the sparks igniting my lips with warmth every time they touched her perfect face. "My mate is the most stunning being to have ever walked the earth." I thought to myself over and over... and Otis certainly agreed.

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