For My Eyes Only

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Leoni's POV
It was the most wonderful mix of chocolate and baking bread that broke through the drug haze. I had made my way swaying in my confused state to the middle of the catwalk at which point Storm started getting very agitated in my head...

"MATE!!!" She screamed at me and I felt my jaw drop.

At the same time I heard a deep reverberating voice shout "She is MINE - take $200,000 Valerie and we are LEAVING right now."

Heads all turned around towards the powerful voice as silence fell in the room. Even Valerie paused... "Pay now Alpha Logan and you may take the girl... what a wonderful price she has reached, a new record I believe gentlemen!"

Her sweet sugary tone untarnished by the unexpected divergence from her plan. I sensed her aura flickering with annoyance, however, she masked it well.

I whirled around towards the sound of the powerful voice and the amazing scent. Before I knew it the man I presumed to be this Alpha Logan swiftly grabbed me around my middle as I swayed and hoisted me onto his shoulder. I barely got a glimpse of my destined mate and Buyer. The last thing I felt before I blacked out was the intense sparks where his skin met mine...

Logan's POV
The raw scent of unmated lustful wolves mixed in with blood and sex hit my senses as soon as I arrived at the underground Auction. It was my fourth time at one of these Auctions and it was still filling my throat with bile. I needed to be here. The Werewolf Council and my Father had sent me but it didn't make witnessing this insult to the Goddess any easier. I was known for being a cold, powerful and unreadable Alpha who would crush anyone who stood in my way but underneath my stony facade I felt sorrow for the girls sold here. I could not do anything to help them at this stage without blowing my cover but I hoped in my heart that once Valerie's sick project was brought to an end these innocent girls could be tracked down and rescued.

My attention was brought back to the present as I saw the vile creature herself approach. Valerie cooed to all the men present, greeting us all with a pseudo girlish laugh and a flirtatious smile that never quite reached her eyes. I knew what she was but no one else here would ever guess. To them she was a shewolf with a corrupt moral compass that allowed her to exploit and sell these girls to lusting wolves as sex toys. But I knew better. Yes she was all of those things... she sought out rogue young shewolves or did deals to acquire them from packs in need of her protection... invariably the girls were teenagers or in their early 20s, terrified, beautiful and drugged up to their eyeballs so as to ensure compliance.

Valerie was twisted and evil. She was conniving and monstrous. She was also a powerful witch werewolf hybrid who commanded a personal dark empire that myself and the Council sought to bring down. We needed to learn more about her and we needed to know her weaknesses. That was my mission.

"Why hello Alpha Logan, looking handsome as ever darling..." Valerie cooed in my ear as she ran her forefinger down my muscular tensed arm, "I hope you find something to your liking tonight... and I hope you enjoy the show..."
She reached down to grab at my groin with a dark but flirty grin but I swiftly took her wrist. She flinched at the harsh contact, not expecting it. She knew me as the proud, stoic, powerful Alpha of the Midnight Moon Pack but she was entirely unaware of my role on the Werewolf Council. My membership as with all members was a closely guarded secret and the Council moved in the shadows of the supernatural world, bringing swift justice where needed.
"Remember who I am Valerie, I guarantee you that my bite is worse than my bark. Don't EVER try to grope me again. I may be here for the delightful show you put on, and I would very much like to purchase one of your little fuck toys for my personal pleasure... but I do NOT wish you to forget yourself again in my presence..." I growled at her, my wolf Otis coming to the surface.

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