1 Haley Burgess

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Theme: Daughter “Human”



It’s weird. We all go to the same parties (because they’re the only parties), but we never mix. Even here we stick to our crowds. Even at this party I can’t get away from them.

Haley stares at her beer before taking another gulp. She grimaces. Only the cheapest at these stupid freaking parties. The rim of her plastic cup is smudged with her signature deep red lipstick, the only makeup she wears, letting the rest of her face shine naturally with high cheekbones and light freckles. Her hair tonight is pulled up in a messy bun, because who did she need to impress? She knows everyone here, everyone in this freaking town, and she doesn’t particularly care for any of them. The lipstick is for her. Makes her feel mysterious. Like even though everyone knows her there were still a few things she could hide.

“Earth to Haley,” Ruth says, snapping her fingers beside Haley’s ear.

Haley looks at her to acknowledge she heard, but doesn’t say anything.

Ruth’s black rimmed glasses and straight bangs take up half of her face. The other half is full burgundy lips. Each half separated by a tiny nose and round cheeks.

Her face wouldn’t look so disproportionate if it weren’t for those freaking hipster glasses. Why’d she have to wear those?

“I was going for a refill. You want one?” Ruth asks.

“Sure,” she says, handing over her cup.

“Hey, Haley,” Marcus coos as he moves towards her.

Haley sighs.

“Haley,” he sings again. “You deaf?” he asks, tone harder now.

“No, I’m mute. I’m incapable of talking to dildos.”

“Broke your vow of silence for me though, didn’t ya?” Marcus says, placing his hand on the wall beside her, tensing the muscles in his arm for effect.

“Interesting choice: addressing the silence instead of your status as a dildo. I’d say you agree then,” Haley says, staring ahead, refusing to give him her physical attention.

“Piss off, Marcus,” Ruth shoos him with her cup still in hand, beer sloshing over the top and down her hand. “Shit,” she mutters.

Marcus walks away, head still held high, chest puffed.

Haley takes her beer from Ruth and Ruth sucks the beer from her now free hand.

“Why’s he picked me? He such a…butt-turd,” Haley says, then takes a sip.

“He is hot though,” Ruth says, watching him hit on another girl all the while keeping his eyes on Haley.

“That’s just the muscles. They’re a distraction. His nose is too big and his eyes are the color of raw sewage.”

Ruth nearly spills her beer again laughing. “I’ll have to take a closer look next time he wants to cheat off my test. I keep telling him I’m not the one to cheat from. Thinks just cuz I’m Asian I’m a straight A student. I get Cs just like everybody else.”

“I’ve a B average.”

“Well aren’t you freaking special.”

“I wish he wouldn’t stare at me so much. Weirds me out.”

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