Dance For Me

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Leoni's POV
A short while later we girls found ourselves waiting in a dark back stage area with a new beefy sour faced minder and the disgusting Franz for company. The light from the stage broke through around the edges of the heavy velvet curtains in front of us. Valerie seemed to be out front meeting and greeting with the Buyers. The smell of sweat and unmated werewolf pheromones hung heavily in the air and I shuddered.

I looked around desperately for any glimpse of a way out or an escape route but I as met with walls and our large immovable guards.

The other three girls were silent and visibly fearful. The girl who had been first off the truck had been put in a red outfit that made her look like an X-rated version of Little Red Riding Hood. Her hair was dressed in long, high pigtails and she looked particularly petrified. A cruel joke of course that she was shortly to be sold to a wolf...

I understood her fear completely as virgin or not being sold to a unmated werewolf to be used as his toy to fulfil his most depraved whims was a terrifying prospect. In truth I was only managing with this concept in my mind right now by taking strength from Storm. She seemed to have an unwavering belief that we would somehow survive this. I clung to that hope for it was all that I had. Gone were any girlish thoughts of finding my mate - I had lost my memories but I still had a strong sense of who I was.

My memory was coming back slowly and I knew in that movement that I had always dreamt of my mate. He had visited me in my dreams and in my daydreams. His strong steady arms, his warm golden eyes, his kind smile and his unsurpassable love for me...

But now that seemingly unshakable dream of my mate was just a childish fantasy. He wouldn't want me now or certainly after I had been sold to the highest bidder to do with what they wished. I would be soiled. Even with my admittedly innocent perspective on all things intimate, I knew I was going to have mating forced upon me. Whatever that entailed... I would have to endure a forceful werewolf touching my body and pushing himself onto me. I knew from the Lady who made me ready that the Buyers would be interested in seeing me "shaved" as she called it and I couldn't even imagine what things they would want to do to me.

I knew that from the moment that a Buyer bought me I would have to do what he demanded and I prayed to the Goddess that I would have a chance at some stage to escape. Maybe I would remember where my home was and be able to return to it... I shuddered and looked to my feet feeling dizzy.

"WELCOME GENTLEMEN," we could suddenly hear Valerie booming over the crowd, "Now, as ever I expect my Auction this evening to be a courteous affair... Tisk tisk no no you must stay in your seats or you will be removed... we mustn't frighten the merchandise... or at least let's not interfere with the show, eh boys??"

There was a roar from the bating crowd and the smile in Valerie's sickeningly sweet voice could be clearly heard.

"So gentlemen... I think you all know how it works? Yes? No? Let's just remind everyone shall we darlings, we wouldn't want any misunderstandings..." she paused and gave a girlish little cough but the room immediately quietened... her aura was vibrating so much I felt like my hair was standing on end and it was a very unnerving feeling... what Is this woman??

"Now, boys boys boys... we have four delectable young ladies for you to feast your eyes on tonight and of course for the winning bidders there will be feasting with more than their eyes..." Valerie gave a little laugh and the raucous crowd of werewolves joined her before she clicked her fingers sharply drawing silence once again in the room.
"The winning bidder will immediately pay Franz at the front and take his merchandise away. Anyone who tries to interfere with this transaction in any way or who tries to damage... the merchandise will be removed from this Auction and will sincerely regret their actions..." the air of threat and menace had returned to Valerie's voice at this point and it was only barely guised under her sweet saccharine tones.

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