She Will Only Hurt You Worse

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Leoni POV
"Hello girls... my name is Valerie and it is indeed a shame that we couldn't meet under happier circumstances. I suspect by now you will have an inkling as to why you are here and what is happening to you" the lady simpered in an overly sweet manner whilst the corners of her lips slightly upturned.

"Can't be trusted. A lot of power." spoke Storm to me quietly in my head.

"My ladies here will now prepare you for the Auction where you will be sold to the highest bidder. You will then go with them and fulfill their every wish and desire. Most of you are rogues whom we had the privilege of capturing out in the open whilst one of you came to us via a more curious route ..."

I got the distinct impression that she meant me at this point but What did she mean... the power radiating from this woman was intense. The energy I could feel around her seemed not entirely that of a werewolf either. It had a strange purple crackle to it... one I had never seen before...

I didn't have time to ponder any of it as the full gravity of my situation was becoming very clear to me. I started to shake as Valerie continued to speak.

"We provide a very special service to some very special men. These men pay me a great deal of money and they WILL NOT be disappointed" she spoke with a sudden lethal precision in her voice... this was no veiled threat. This was simply a Threat. One of the other girls let out a soft whimper.

"You will all now be made ready and you will fully cooperate. When it comes to your turn you will do as you are told and you WILL be good girls for these buyers. If you are not seen to be fully cooperative at all points then I will be inviting the lovely gentlemen who you met on the way in to take you away and do with you what they wish. I would hasten to add that it will not be pleasant and you will not survive the night... they do not have delicate techniques when it comes to expressing their lust and I'm afraid to say any girls we have thrown them have died the most excruciating deaths..." Valerie continued to simper "... one was recently found the next morning dead with a wolfsbane coated broomhandle lodged firmly up her vagina. It was a terrible shame... she was a pretty little thing."

I felt bile rising up my throat and quickly looked down at my cuffed ankles in fear of drawing more attention to myself.

Valerie swiftly clicked her fingers and four nondescript middle aged she-wolves with fearful looks on their faces entered the room. They quickly busied themselves with stripping and washing down a girl each with sponges before applying a sickly sweet smelling moisturising cream to all of our bodies. We all seemed numb and fearful after Valerie's speech. I for one let the woman assigned to me work for she wasn't hurting me at least.

I was shaken from my fearful thought by a breathy whisper from the lady working on me "You are the virgin. I need to shave you."
I sat up shocked rigid and stared at her wide eyed "W-what?" I managed to get out.

"The Boss likes the virgins to be shaved for the Auctions. It excites the buyers... and gets a higher price... Please don't fight it, she will only hurt you worse..." the lady pleaded... her broken spirit shining through her scared eyes.

"Ok... I don't know what you mean but I'll do whatever you ask. Please don't hurt me." I said quietly.

My lady ushered me over to a chaiselongue in the corner of the lushly decorated room and indicated for me to lie on it. I acquiesced- I could see if I wanted to somehow survive this I had to play by Valerie's rules. My lady then quickly told me to remove my panties once again and part my legs.

"I will be quick. I have done this many times. Please stay still and remain Quiet if you want to avoid the attention of my Boss" she muttered to me.

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